Introducing - Your Cleaning Solution

  • 20 Dec 2018 11:24 AM
Introducing - Your Cleaning Solution
Is it also a pain for you to manage all your household tasks along with your job / fun during the festive season? Never fear, is here to help!

Rendi's services were created to take care of the burden of cleaning, plus the difficulties connected to finding the most reliable cleaners. So you can take more time to deal with what you really enjoy. is the biggest online provider of household and office cleaning services in Hungary.

Rendi focuses on helping you: Finding a reliable, safe and affordable cleaner quickly and without any long term commitments.

Through this online platform a customer can book cleaning help with a simple 3-step procedure. The cleaner – chosen by Rendi after a rigorous assessments - clean the household - and the payment is processed after the job is done.

As we all know one of the most dull and time consuming chores is cleaning. Today there are 7.5 million CEE households in our target group who can afford to outsource this burden.

In 2015 the annual turnover of the cleaning industry was €400 billion. This number and the startups competiting in this field such as helpling with €73 million investment or hassle with a €32 million acquisition all show that there is a huge potential in the market


We started Rendi over 3 years ago and had 20 customers in the first month. Today, Rendi is the most widely known cleaning service provider in Hungary and we have helped our customers over almost 20.000 times in all the major cities and few months ago we have started our operations in, Poland as we follow a dynamic growth strategy .

New customers

From the start we have been testing many different customer acquisition channels  and have narrowed down to the most successful ones. For many months now we can proudly say that, we have a positive return on investment with every single purchase.  We have more than 1600 order/ month and and this number is continuously increasing.

Revenue model

Our revenue model is very simple:

We offer 5 different cleaning packages based on square meters and we generate plus revenue from extras such as ironing, window or oven cleaning and etc. We operate on a commission basis which varies from 29-31%.  We have added cleaning detergent and supplies as an additional service so the households have everything they need for the cleaning.

Why is it good to be Rendi client?

You can choose from a wide range of extras, to fit your need perfectly. So you will get exactly what you need.

You can pay online with several clicks comfortably from anywhere.

Our cleaners go through multiple selections to offer the best cleaning service for you.

If you have any questions, you can call our friendly customer service team who are happy to assist you on weekends as well: +3630/196-3616

Click here to visit Rendi online

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