'Autumn Picnic Etyek', 7 – 8 September

  • 27 Aug 2019 10:52 AM
'Autumn Picnic Etyek', 7 – 8 September
The Etyek Picnic is organized four times a year at the Gastro-Promenade to show every season’s specialties. The main goal is to introduce the great products of the local winemakers, manufacturers to the audience.

From organisers: Here at the Gastro-Promenade you can regularly find among others great wines, home-made cheese and butter, cakes and sweets, home-made chocolate and ham and of course main dishes as well. 


Lili Péterffy, Swing a lá Django, Banjo Brothers, No Wonders, Rock Angeles, Retro Moss Band, Ritka Band and others are on stage


1. Gingalló Chocolate Manufacture

  • Open workshop – chocolate making presentation (at 10.30 am, 12am, 1.30pm, 3.00pm, 4.30pm)

  • Tasting of special handcrafted chocolates

2. Piknik Park

  • “Pónilovi” horse-riding for kids and folk playground

3. Aubergine Terrace

  • Bread with Aubergine- and ‘Zakuszka’ paste

  • Ratatouille, grilled and BBQ food, pulled pork 

  • Deer-stew with potato donut and blueberry-jam

  • Etyek wines and sparkling wines

4. Dessert Cellar

  • Pear boiled in wine with chocolate cream

  • White chocolate mousse cake with blackberry

  • Vanillin peach cake with caramel sauce

5. Vértes Cellar

  • Tasting of the wine of the house

6. Smoking BBQ

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner

7. Milán Cellar – Chalet (Cabin) Zalán

  • Bean-goulash with smoked trotters  

  • Homemade roast and cakes and wide range of lemonades 

  • Palinka and wine tasting

8.Haraszthy Winery

9. Sobol Winery and Courtyard of Transylvanian Flavors

  • Must, sparkling wine and wine specialties

  • Sabrage! Opening sparkling wine with a sword

10. Gombai Sparkling Wine Cellar

11. Ham-master Árpás Laci’s Cellar: Tamas Günzer Winery (Villány), Nyakas Cellar (Etyek-Buda), Pregitzer Estate (Etyek-Buda)

  • Southern flavor: plejskavica and csevapcsicsa

  • Pork baking showcasing and roasted trout

  • Artisans: Borostyán Leather, Chilion, Emese Workshop, Fanni’s patches, Greta Handmade Design, Gyöngyi Mom’s relax stuff, Gyurma Trend, Old day’s stuff, Sápi’s Fruitwines, Schubert Apiary, Sziráczki Glass

 Halmi Cellar

  • Wines of the house, wine spirits and artisan syrups

  • Lavender spice splash and spritzer

12. Chateau Újhegy - Takáts Pince

  • Stuffed roundel in many flavors

  • Home-made burgers: deer, mouflon and duck

  • Paprika-catfish on Sunday

13. Szent Orbán Cellar:

  • Taste the wines of Rókusfalvy Estate and Zarándok Cellar

  • “Gezemice-lángos” scone from Etyek

14. Zarándok Cellar

  • Saturday, 2pm-5pm: Armchair-project – Sit down and tell your story

  • Come, sit down in the red armchair and share your story or thoughts with us. Let’s have a conversation

15. Kácsor „Kíra” Cellar

  • Wines from Etyek, bread with goose greaves, scone and home-made strudels

  • Artisans: Etyek Beer Manufactory, Nest Ceramic Shop and Valaha Farm

  • Transylvanian „csorba” soup with meatballs

16.Tátrai Cellar:

Tasting of the best wines of the winery

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​17. Rezeda Terrace: Anonym Cellar (Etyek)


  • 2 pm: Lili Péterffy sings

  • 4 pm: No Wonders, pop / rock acoustic from the 90’s


  • 2 pm: Uncle Géza and Friends

  • 4 pm: Rock Angeles

  • Both days: VeleM design bags

  • Gastronomic experiences: chicken ragout with tarragon, fruit soup, Burgundy-style deer-stew courgetti-ship stuffed with sweet cheese

  • On the grill: mustard chicken, clod and trout and vegetables

  • Heavenly sweets: wine mousse cake, different flavored macarons, etc

​​​​​​​18. EtyekVin Cellar:

  • Vegan stuffed cabbage and grilled food with roundel

  • Grandma’s apple pie  

  • Unique Panorama

​​​​​​​19. Berényi Cellar: Family Cellars Orosz Gyula (Etyek), Cellar Vabrik (Etyek)

  • STELÁZSI – selected finenesses from chamber, Caffé Go

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​20. Dvorák Guest Court

  • Farm visiting: horse, Jerusalem-pony, lama and others

  • Smoked fair and village flavors: harvest time bean goulash with trotters and grill plate

  • Catch and carry food: burger, hot-dog with sausage and duck-pie

  • Jams and syrups for sale

​​​​​​​21. Lucza Cellar (Etyek-Buda)

22. Debreczeni Winery – Debreczeni-Ferenczi Family Winery (Etyek and Szekszárd)


  • 1pm-4pm: Zoltán Dudás and Son - guitar play

  • 5pm-9pm: Schwab'N'Roll Band - Outdoor party on the main stage


  • 12.30pm-3.30pm: Accordion music

  • 4pm-8pm: Retro Moss Band

  • Grilled sausage, chicken and pork, ratatouille and many tasty food

  • Tasting and fairing of Etyek and Szekszárd wines

Artisans: Chilicum, Crafts of Édenkert, Marmaladys

​​​​​​​23. Etyek Cheese Road Station: Tamás Dúzsi (Szekszárd)

  • Cheese specialties and curd dessert

​​​​​​​24. Fonó Press house


  • 2pm-2:40pm and 3pm-3:40pm: Association of Young Shepperd Musicians


  • 2pm-2:40pm and 3pm-3:40pm: The Ritka Band

​​​​​​​25. Rókusfalvy Estate: Bolyki Estate (Eger)

  • Gourmet experiences with Restaurant Rókusfalvy

  • 10 am: Cooking contest - (Judging of the contest at: 2 pm)

  • 10 am-11 am: Summertime matine’e – children cinema

  • 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm: „Glass in hand” – every two hours an unusual tour with wine tasting

  • 11am, 1pm and 3pm: Coffee roasting presentation – Etyek Coffee

  • 11 am-4 pm: Craftwork for children

  • 11.00-18.00 Paint your own fish at ArtHekk


  • 10am-1pm: “Puppy-garten” – puppy caress 

  • 11 am-12 am: Etyek 360 – taste around Etyek!

  • 11 am-6 pm: Etyek 360 – pick and have your Etyek wines!

  • 2 pm-4 pm: Swing a lá Django

  • 4 pm-8 pm: Chilling DJ-set in the vineyard


  • 11.30 am and 1.30pm Latte art presentation – Etyek Coffee

  • 3 pm-4 pm: Banjo Brothers​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​26. Korda Filmpark

  •  Come and visit the recently opened “Behind the scenes” exhibition at 8th Studio with 10% Piknik discount 

  • Hungarian founders of Hollywood, the most typical jobs, what is call sheet?

  • Movie relics and costumes, make a visit to a medieval scenery town with animators

  • Every hour in both days from 10am to 2pm


Buses with 760 marks leave from Kelenföldi Pályaudvar every hour (according to regular schedule), which will be supplemented with extra rides in case of higher demand.

Full price return tickets are: 1.120,-Ft for „Etyek, autóbusz-forduló” station. The usual discounts at Volánbusz may be used with valid documentation. (e.g. student ID). For detailed schedule please visit here.

free of charge

Gastro-Promenade, Etyek
 2091 Etyek


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