An Introduction To Avicenna International Academy By President Dr. Mirza Hosseini

  • 27 Jun 2019 1:57 PM
An Introduction To Avicenna International Academy By President Dr. Mirza Hosseini
Dear Prospective Students,   I am delighted to introduce you to Avicenna International Academy, which has more than 30 years of international experience in education.

Today, more than anytime, there is a need for a unique educational model which can meet the needs of young generation and also satisfy the standards of international education. This important responsibility has been trusted to our colleagues at Avicenna International Academy.

Avicenna as a truly international institution enjoys the services of dedicated teachers with high values and standards of education and humanity.

Through academic education and appropriate trainings, we have rendered ourselves to play our parts in raising the future responsible citizens of the world, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or background.

Our teaching staff is selected with care and scrutiny and undergoes a training program; indeed we have “Teacher Training Courses” for our staff every summer. Teachers and students stand on the same side and work hard together for the same goal. We aim at improving our academic standards.

Our students are prepared to undertake their roles in their challenging, fast-changing, technology-rich future societies.

We follow a holistic approach towards educating our students. We respect our students and consider their needs with bio-psycho-social considerations as a whole. We do not have a group of students, or classes, we have “individuals” with unique characteristics and needs.

We welcome our students and try to know them individually. Our teaching and non-teaching staffs together with the students form the community of AVICENNA. This is the motivation which has kept us on the movement for about 30 years now.

At Avicenna, we place great emphasis on “problem-based learning”, “interactive education” and “critical thinking”. We will not only teach biology, chemistry, mathematics and other subjects, we will teach our students how to learn these subjects, how and where to find answers to their questions, how to solve their problems and feel confident enough to bring their new ideas to the attention of their teachers and classmates.

We have combined all these with our Avicenna methodology for education.

We believe that our students can and should explore their potentials and capacities. They should achieve maximum development of their competencies with the help of educators. High academic achievements, successful higher education and preparation for undertaking independent social roles are among our goals for Avicenna students.

Curriculum at Avicenna is rigorous and recognized worldwide. It is designed to prepare our students for higher education in the best European and North American universities.

We have extensively reviewed British, American, Canadian and European educational systems and have developed the Avicenna Educational System which guarantees the success of our students once they join any secondary school or higher educational institute.

Avicenna is your “Home away from Home”.

We are looking forward to having you among our students.

Warm regards,
Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini

Orzcy ut, 3-5, 1089 Budapest, Hungary

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