Past, Future, Goose @ Gundel Restaurant Budapest

  • 5 Nov 2019 4:45 PM
Past, Future, Goose @ Gundel Restaurant Budapest
Traditional St. Martin's Day goose dishes at Gundel through November. At Gundel there is a big tradition of goose dishes: The goose liver will forever be a star, the goose soup is always on the winter menu, and the goose leg competes with the duck leg for popularity.

What flavors the famous goose liver as well as other dishes prepared with goose? The sauces, spices, aromatics. And of course, expertise, noble tradition, and an endless passion for food.

Even in November Gundel shows its best and most exciting face, offering goose dishes in an elegant, sophisticated, and lively way. Instead of fattiness, the flavors dominate, and instead of the typical new wines there will be mature wines chosen by sommelier Kitti Koór.

According to the saying, on St. Martin's Day (11 November), you can infer the coming year's prosperity or its hardships, the health of the people, the weather, and the newly fermented wine's holy judgement.

The saying goes: "Whoever doesn't eat goose on St. Martin's Day will go hungry for the entire year." And the more one eats, the stronger he'll be at withstanding disease.

The goose's breastbone symbolizes the weather: If it's white, it means there will be a long and snowy winter. If it's brown, there will be muddy days ahead.

The folk saying also says that if it snows on St. Martin's Day, there will be a mild winter. If it doesn't, then there's a cold season ahead. And if the goose walks on ice, then on Christmas it will step in muddy water.

The seven-course degustation goose menu can also be found separately on the regular menu.  Most dishes are prepared from goose or have some connection to geese. The seven-course degustation menu costs HUF 29,500.


Goose liver duo
: Gundel's traditional and most popular course, smoked goose liver, goose liver pâté, apple, brioche

Benedek Hárslevelű 2017, Mátra

Goose ragú soup: Rich goose ragu soup served in a Zsolnay cup

Szent Tamás MÁD Furmint 2016, Tokaj

Goose Risotto: goose, mushrooms, vegetables, rice – a complex, richly flavored, Hungarian "risotto". What makes Gundel's version different: The goose risotto is topped with a grilled goose liver and the stuffed goose neck, which is traditionally plated as a separate course, is served alongside the goose risotto.

Gerlei Olaszrizling 2016, Somló

Sea Buckthorn sorbet: Fine dining restaurants offer sorbet, or granita, for the purpose of cleansing the palate, to prepare the taste buds for the following main course.

Roast goose with cabbage strudel, grilled apple, house-made goose cracklings. The goose has been sourced from a small Hungarian farm.

Vylyan Mandolás Cabernet franc 2012, Villány

Cheese Selection: From Őrség and Europe

Disznókő Édes Szamorodni 2016, Tokaj

Chocolate "Lúdláb" cake: The lúdláb cake is traditionally shaped like a goose's footprint, hence the name. Zsolt Litauszki's version is a round mini chocolate sponge cake assembled with ganache, a crisp chocolate layer, whipped cream, sour cherries, and a sour cherry gelee.

DiBonis Turán 2017, Szerémség 

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