Coronavirus: Testing Center Opens At Budapest Airport

  • 21 Dec 2020 7:29 AM
Coronavirus: Testing Center Opens At Budapest Airport
From now on, it is possible to take COVID-19 tests at Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Budapest Airport and Universal Medical Hub have established a test center at Terminal 2B, where not just passengers, but anyone can have PCR or rapid-antigen tests performed.

A COVID-19 testing center has opened on the arrivals level of Terminal 2B at Budapest Airport, in the freely accessible landside area.

The service is available for everyone, but may be especially useful for arriving and even departing passengers.

From 18 December, Friday, passengers can have PCR tests carried out immediately, without an appointment.

The result is then sent to them electronically, within 24-48 hours.

The center also offers rapid antigen tests, the result of which is available within 15-20 minutes following testing, and is also sent out by e-mail.

Testing is carried out under professional circumstances by healthcare professionals, in a 37 square meter facility established on the arrivals level of Terminal 2B.

Anyone can request information about the testing process at the information counter located next to the testing center, and hostesses are available at several locations in the terminal, to help direct customers to the facility.

An appointment is not necessary for testing, only online registration is required, which anyone can complete on a smartphone or computer via

Users then receive a QR code by e-mail, which they can scan contactlessly on site, upon which they immediately receive their line number.

The airport operator has placed take-a-number machines in the waiting area in front of the testing center, whereby customers can wait conveniently, without queuing, in compliance with social distancing rules.

Users can pay the 19 500 HUF authority price of PCR tests online, during registration, facilitating seamless administration.

“Ever since the appearance of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, we have strict protective measures in place to safeguard the health of passengers and staff.

In line with the protocol issued by EASA, we ensure that the airport should be a safe environment from a healthcare perspective, with continuous disinfectant cleaning and by facilitating social distancing,” said Dr. Rolf Schnitzler, the CEO of Budapest Airport.

“It was very important for us to open the COVID testing center at the airport before the holidays, thus offering a quick and safe testing opportunity for everyone, and especially passengers arriving home for the festive period,” he added. 

The airport operator established the testing center with the involvement of healthcare professionals, and selected experienced medical service provider Universal Medical Hub in a tender to perform the testing.

“Private healthcare as a whole is undergoing great changes in Hungary.

During this transformation, which is still ongoing, there is even greater demand from patients to receive customer-focused service from private providers,”
said Gábor Molnár, the owner and managing director of Universal Medical.

“With nearly fourteen years of experience, Universal Medical Hub operates in a European-level service system where patients come first not just in terms of words.

We can thus provide the best possible service to those who have COVID-19 testing performed at Budapest Airport
,” he added.

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