Stylish & Practical Masks Created By Hungarian Colombian Couple

  • 7 Dec 2020 1:52 PM
Stylish & Practical Masks Created By Hungarian Colombian Couple
A new brand has emerged on the Budapest horizon: ZapMask is a concept dreamed up by a Hungarian-Colombian couple, which offers a solution to masks forgotten at home, crumpled up in bags and dangling from the ears.

The main mission of the brand is to smuggle some design into the gray everyday life of wearing a mask: the double-layer masks made of colorful, high-quality material fit comfortably on the face and go well with any outfit.

When the masks are not needed, they can be folded in half and snapped onto the wrist with two movements.

The secret of the technology is a flexible metal strap integrated into the mask: it snaps together and takes the form of the wrist with a small slap.

“During the summer, we were walking home from doing groceries with our masks dangling from our forearms - we started brainstorming about how to make masks more stylish and practical...

Why not make it a fashion piece? That's when the idea came. We wanted to create a product that is not only practical, but also modern and decorative,”
said one of the creators, Sergio Villamil.

All the materials are selected by the owners themselves and then taken to the sewing workshop in Székesfehérvár, where the masks are made with a lot of care.

“It is important for us to support Hungarian entrepreneurs and to end up with a quality product.

Fortunately, this attitude seems to be working: at the beginning, we thought that we
would only ship the masks within Hungary, but there are so many people interested in our product from foreign countries that we will soon introduce international shipping as well,” said Veronika.

There are currently 14 types of patterns in the webshop – plans include rolling out custom and limited edition masks soon.

Photo courtesy of ZapMask

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