Coronavirus: Hungary Publishes Detailed Data On Covid-19 Deaths

  • 1 Apr 2020 7:15 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Coronavirus: Hungary Publishes Detailed Data On Covid-19 Deaths
The Government Information Centre has published detailed information on the sixteen patients who died in Hungary having contracted Covid-19.

According to the data published on the website, all but one of the patients who tested positive for the novel coronavirus infection and who subsequently died had had an underlying condition.

The majority were male and older than 70. The youngest person to die of the disease, who was 37, had a chronic pancreatic disease and liver damage, while the oldest, 94, already had a chronic lung disease.

At least ten of the sixteen victims had heart and circulatory diseases. Other underlying conditions included cancer, diabetes, pancreatitis, the website said. One patient had had a kidney transplant.

The site from Tuesday is showing the age, gender and underlying health conditions of those who have died of the disease, the website said.

Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller told a press conference that the number of tests is growing significantly, and all suspicious cases will be examined. Müller said face masks were recommended primarily to health-care and law enforcement employees but the authorities were “not against others wearing it if that gives people a sense of safety.”

In response to a question, Müller asked Hungarians to postpone changing residence as that is not listed among the reasons to leave their homes during the curfew.

For those choosing to separate themselves from their loved ones to protect them from infection, the authorities will assign a place of residence for the duration of the quarantine, she said. Covid-19 patients will be treated in hospitals only if the severity of the symptoms warrants it, she said.
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