Largest Horror Escape Room In The Making At The Heart Of Budapest

  • 14 Aug 2020 8:24 AM
Largest Horror Escape Room In The Making At The Heart Of Budapest
For six month a group of 14 creative people has been working on the new horror themed 250 square meter escape room. Even studios from Hollywood are involved in the making of special effects and the set.

A unique movie crew is working on videos for the brand new escape room, including Gábor Hevér the "Hungarian Leonardo DiCaprio" for sound effects. The investment is worth 190 million forints. 

During the quarantine the Neverland entertainment center did not stop for a minute. They used their extra time for development, maintenance, and to plan the reopening. Luckily they did not have to fire anyone, moreover, they could hire new employees, and double the income of Neverland.

"We developed a marketing and sales strategy which could double our income compared to 2019, even in the middle of the biggest hospitality crisis. We involved many new experts to Neverland's method. The secret behind our COVID19 pandemic work method was thinking, hard work and endurance.

Thanks to Neverland's advanced marketing strategy, the service's quality was designed directly for our target audience. We work with 9 marketing specialists with all different specialisations and 3 graphic designers who help their work" Said Josep Zara, the mastermind and founder of Neverland.

During the COVID19 caused quarantine crisis Neverland's crew started to develop a new escape room.

Hungary's biggest, most terrifying horror escape room's gameplay is in the making for 6 month, involving 14 people. The constructions are planned from September 2020, as they say, it would take some months to make the 250 square meter big unique escape room. 

Tiny details are everything

The secret behind Neverland's success is that we think through every little detail carefully. We check thousands of feedbacks, and after that we begin to create.

We put so much work into these details, that might not be noticeable for guests, but we might generate 10 million extra income thinking about these steps.

Our debuting hand-drawn drink menu has been in the making for 6 month also. As we hope, our guests would not want to put them down, and fall in love with all the drinks - said the mastermind, and added: there are things that he cannot speak about, because some details from the process are taken care of just like the secret recipe of Coca Cola.

Photo courtesy of the organisers

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