One Of The Most Modern & Eco Friendly Washing Machines Installed In Hungary

  • 24 Sep 2020 12:44 PM
One Of The Most Modern & Eco Friendly Washing Machines Installed In Hungary
One of the largest, most modern and environmentally friendly washing machines in the country has been put into operation in Szeged, by Referencia Mosodák Zrt.

This leading company is renovating its plants; with the installation of the new 14-meter 12-ton "giant" washing plant at its Szeged site, it greatly reduced the use of water and chemicals used for washing.

This is a unique investment in relation to Hungarian laundries, as only 2 newly purchased such washers have been put into operation in the last 30 years.

With nationwide coverage, Referencia Mosodák is currently one of the leading textile cleaning companies in Hungary: 80+ hospital sites are served in its 9 regional laundries every day.

Dániel Muravölgyi, CEO of the company, told XpatLoop:

"Referencia Mosodák Zrt. is committed to constant technological development and environmental awareness, which not only reduces the ecological footprint of our plants but also makes it easier for our colleagues to work.

Our employees do a lot of hard physical work, which is why it is especially important to provide them with better and better conditions, which includes striving to introduce the latest technology at our sites."

The newly installed VEGA SMARTLINE 60/12 tube washer and VEGA SMARTPRESS RP60/47 press have been set by the detergent supplier to be able to clean 1,200 kg of laundry per hour.

This new washer incorporates the latest technology, currently it does everything that can be expected from such a machine.

A tube washing machine should be thought of as putting many household washing machines next to each other by just soaking in the first one, then taking the fabric out of the washing machine, transferring it to the next where it is already washed with detergent, then taking it out again and rinsing in the next washing machine.

Also, the difference lies in the size: such a 'pipe washer' is 14 meters long and weighs 12 tons.

The machine operating in the Szeged plant of Referencia Mosodák uses only 3 to 3.5 litres of water for washing 1 kg of hospital textiles with 12 chambers and a load of 60 kg.

95% of the older generation tube washing machines, which have been operating in Hungary for up to 20 - 40 years, wash with 10 l / kg of water, compared to this, the new tube washing saves more than 50% of water.

The press, which also has a load of 60 kg and a pressure of 47 bar, also contributes to efficiency, squeezing the water out of the washed fabric at such a high pressure that it does not have to be dried before ironing.

This technology saves 20% of steam energy and a significant amount of electrical energy by eliminating the need for steam for drying.

Ildikó Németh, the plant manager of Referencia Mosodák in Szeged:

"The new pipe washer is a huge help to the 93 colleagues working in the plant. In addition to hygiene and disinfection, it is extremely important in the current epidemiological situation to always have the right amount of clean, hygienic textiles available to our customers, such as the SZTE Clinical Center, SZTE dormitories, Csongrád County Health Care Center - which, thanks to the new investment, we can provide even more efficiently."

The modern machine park meets the hygienic needs of healthcare even at an environmentally friendly, low washing temperature.

This machine is already equipped with remote monitoring, with which, among other things, the values ​​ensuring the hygiene of the textiles leaving the laundry can be checked already during washing: detergent dosing, temperature and the pH of the water.

This is not the first site of Referencia Mosodák where the innovative investment aims at environmental awareness.

The Senking pipe, used at the washing plant in Vác operates with a special system: it uses only 2.5 litres of freshwater, the rest of the water used has already been recycled.

The principle of the hygienic system is that dirty and clean textiles must not come into contact with each other, their washing and processing takes place in an architecturally separated, separately accessible dirty and clean space. A hygienic washing machine park was built into this hygienic wall.

Tube washing machines are specially designed machines that are part of a machining line. In addition to a continuous washing machine with a laundry dispenser, the production line consists of a dewatering press and a dryer.

The material handling between the individual machines is carried out by the associated conveyors according to the technological program selected by the washing machine operator.

Proper disinfection - depending on the chosen washing method (thermo-disinfection or chemo-thermic disinfection) is ensured by the combined effect of washing temperature and / or chemicals.

Complete safety means the inspection of washed textiles requested from an institute accredited by ÁNTSZ, which includes not only an authentic measurement confirming the disinfection of the clothes but also a bacteriological examination of the washing machines. These certificates prove the purity of the garment.


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