Community Matters: Top Hiking Spots In Hungary

  • 14 Jan 2021 7:53 AM
Community Matters: Top Hiking Spots In Hungary
Recently a member of the local expat community asked about hiking recommendations all around Hungary. Here below are 5 of the best options shared by Xpats in the loop via XpatLoop's group on Facebook.

1. Highly recommend the Danube bend region, 1h by train north of Budapest. You can go to Zebegeny, hike through the hills on the danube bend and arrive in Nagymaros.

The trails are well marked and with stunning views of the danube. You can either sleep in Nagymaros or take a ferry and sleep in Visegrad. It's a 12km hike with 600m ascent, totally doable in a day if you are in good conditions. Next day visit the Visegradi castle too.

More info on the region here (download this termeszetjaro app it has lots of good hikings mapped for the whole country and a well translated English version).

2. There's lots of excellent hikes to choose from once the pandemic restrictions are lifted. I recommend the section of the kéktúra route from Nagymaros to Nógrád.

You can stay in a yurt at a campsite in Kóspallag and both the start and end points are easily accesible via public transport from BP. Check out for more information about routes.

3. You can go to Ram-szakadek, or Holdvirag arok in Pilis

4. Get a hiker map! You got all the routes marked! There are literally hundreds!

5. You can find a lot of trails here.


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MTI Photo: Balázs Mohai

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