Cross-Balaton Swim, 7 August

  • 5 Aug 2021 2:13 PM
Cross-Balaton Swim, 7 August
This year the annual big swim across Balaton will be organized on Saturday, 7 August.

Based on the weather forecast of the Siófok Observatory of the National Meteorological Service, with the consent of the commander of the Balaton Water Police, the organizing committee decided  to finally hold the 39th Lidl Balaton crossing this weekend, with some minor changes. 

Last time more than 9,000 people participated, swimming the 5.2 kilometre distance between Révfülöp in the north and Balatonboglár on the southern shore of the lake.

Swimmers can set off from Révfülöp on the north shore between 8 a.m. and noon on Saturday to cover the 5.2km distance to Balatonboglár.

More from the organisers: 

During the cross swim there will be different time limits after certain distances.

Competitors have to get to the checkpoints at each kilometer until the given time.

A competitor who exceeds the time limit has to get up onto the boat, and can only get off at the finish in Balatonboglár.

Date and time: 
Saturday, 31 July, 8 am

Reserve days:
August  8., 14., 15


8253 Révfülöp, Halász utca 7. 


MTI Photo: Lajos Nagy

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