New Community Center Now Open in Buda

  • 6 Oct 2021 5:03 PM
  • Budapest Business Journal
New Community Center Now Open in Buda
Pasarét Community House (Pasaréti Közösségi Ház) recently opened in Buda’s 2nd district offering cultural programs, while also serving as a family support center, providing an opportunity for young people and parents to get together.

The new center, which opened this September, also offers free counseling by expert psychologists to those in need, for example whether they are teenagers with sexual problems, divorced mothers who have had abortions, or family members who are stuck in a grieving process.

The four-story building is topped by a rooftop terrace with barbecue facilities and a garden for playing foosball. There is also a gym, and a 180-seat main hall offers quality theatre and music performances throughout the year.

"Many people ask why such a house was needed here, where the community functions well thanks to the Franciscan Fathers and the residents. On the one hand, the programs had been out of place for some time, the culture was missing from the area and, something that is particularly close to my heart, as I am also the mother of four teenagers, that a space where young people can meet face to face: to play, to do sports, to have fun was essential. All in safety," Éva Ugron, the head of the institution, highlighted.

Religious events will play as much of a role in the community centre as they did before, according to a press release. The Bauhaus exterior and modern, loft-style interior also houses a chapel, which is ideal for community prayer and worship groups, as well as a place for baptisms and wedding anniversaries.
"I am proud that we have been able to create a family pastoral centre where renowned psychologists, family therapists, canon lawyers and Franciscan fathers welcome those in need, regardless of age, free of charge. There will be group sessions, lectures, and you can also ask for help and advice on an individual basis. Today, it should not be possible any longer for a divorcee or a person who has had an abortion to feel excluded from the community, alone with their problems," the director added.

Click here to virtually visit Pasarét Community House
Address: 1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 102.
Phone: 06 20 406 3581

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