Legendary British Comedian John Cleese To Perform In Budapest, 13 June 2021

  • 4 Mar 2021 5:36 AM
  • Hungary Today
Legendary British Comedian John Cleese To Perform In Budapest, 13 June 2021
The founder of Monty Python, creator of Fawlty Towers and one of the most well-known figures in British humor, will perform at MoM Sport in Budapest with his show “Last Time to See Me Before I Die.”

Although the title of the show, “Last Time to See Me Before I Die,” might sound a bit strange at first, the comedian has been touring with it for the past six years.

The show is not a classic stand-up act, as Cleese evokes the best parts of his oeuvre, including some of the best parts of Monty Python’s work – such as the fish slapping dance – and comments on them. According to index.hu, some descriptions even said that the audience can ask him questions during the two-hour-long performance. 

Cleese wrote the famous Hungarian Sketch of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus comedy series. He also participated in the sketch, where he played the Hungarian traveler who only wants to buy a box of cigarettes and matches but due to a naughty and deliberately misspelled Hungarian-English travel dictionary, the ‘Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook,’ instead of asking for the cigarettes, he only speaks nonsense, then seriously insults everyone he meets (by misadventure).

The “Hungarian sentence” that the seller (played by Terry Jones) says to the tourist to clear up the situation (triggering his harsh reaction) means absolutely nothing in Hungarian and none of the words are Hungarian, although writer John Cleese allegedly swore to the others that it was, in fact, something in Hungarian.

However, Cleese later revealed in an interview with the Hungarian translator of the series Miklós Galla, that he only knows 11 Hungarian words, listing the names of the footballers of the Hungarian Golden Team.

The show will be in English without any translation or subtitles.

Your tickets for the 25 April show are valid for the new date. 

Date and time:
Monday, 14 June, 2020, 7:30 pm

HUF 7,900 - 24,900

MoM Sport
1123  Budapest, Csörsz u. 14-16.

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