'Secret Charm', the New Signature Dessert of Budapest Marriott

  • 12 Nov 2021 11:35 AM
'Secret Charm', the New Signature Dessert of Budapest Marriott
It has been a long-standing dream of the Budapest Marriott Hotel to dazzle its guests with an unconventional, creative, exciting, and extraordinary Marriott signature dessert.

To make it happen, the hotel management asked Raj Rachel, the well-known cake designer for her collaboration, who they already had have some successful joint projects together and admires the Marriott brand.

During the first meeting between Ráchel and the hotel's executive chef Konstantinos Kranakis, the decision was made to use paprika, the typical ingredient of Hungarian gastronomy, which also fits perfectly with the concept of the DNB Budapest restaurant.

The press event held last was attended by some prominent representatives of Budapest gastronomy, and guests were amazed by a surprise event with the creator after the tasting. Ráchel shared the moments of the design process, the thoughts that guided her in creating the dessert.

"It was a great honor and an exciting challenge for me to be asked. In the first meeting with Kostas, the idea was born: to create a dessert that is 'out of the box', i.e. unexpected and surprising, like the pepper (paprika) jelly.

So the basic spice for our dessert was paprika, which I 'tamed' with orange, coriander, and cardamom seeds. In the end, despite the use of the rather masculine paprika, the dessert was delicately elegant and feminine, in keeping with Marriott's style," the designer revealed.

The dessert, called "Secret Charm", can be tasted at the DNB Budapest restaurant.

Liz and Chain Sky Lounge, located on the 9th floor of the Budapest Marriott, has been open for a year and a half and has become one of Budapest's most popular rooftop bars. 

On 4 November, together with their partners, they celebrated the success of the past season and welcomed the festive season with a Christmas décor, food and drink specialties, and the stunning city lights over the Danube.

While the iconic Danube-side location and hospitality of Liz and Chain Sky Lounge remained unchanged, summer cocktails were dressed in wintery attire.

The Cocktail Masterclass, starting on 11 November, was on offer throughout the evening, with bartender Ferenc Varsányi teaching the audience how to make one of the winter cocktail specialties of the place - in a home-style setting.

The Sky Lounge offers a wide range of activities during the festive season, which can be found on its social media platforms and website.

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