Personalized Care by Dr. Rose Private Hospital Budapest

  • 5 Jan 2022 3:54 PM
Personalized Care by Dr. Rose Private Hospital Budapest
Dr. Rose Private Hospital serves almost 50,000 patients a year, recently completed an investment of more than 600 million HUF, which not only made the environment even more attractive, but also added a range of modern equipment, unique in international healthcare, to its existing range.

In this exclusive private institution, patients can choose from an increasing number of services. “A sense of security is paramount” - Irén Ludvig, director of nursing at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, answered our questions.

Director, in what way is surgical care different at Dr. Rose Private Hospital?

The point is personalized care, which can be felt from the first meeting with our client, even when logging in to our call center. Then, when it turns out that someone needs surgery, our surgery coordinators are on hand to start preparing for the process. Our patients meet them for the first time during outpatient care, and if the surgery becomes definite, our clients will discuss with them all the details, the pre-surgery tasks, the desired date, and the necessary things to do.

How long does it take to prepare prior to surgery?

We strive to be able to complete all preliminary investigations in a single day. Our clients will receive a detailed schedule for this day. Virtually all tests, together with our imaging diagnostics partner, Positron Diagnostics, can be carried out with us in full.

The results of the preliminary examinations will be received by our clients during their consultation with the anesthesiologist, or we will notify them in person by phone. In our experience, this saves a lot of time and potential annoyance. Thus, on the day of the surgery, our patients arrive to us with only the need to sign the consent form and we can begin preparations.

What is offered to clients over and above this surgical care?

The most important thing for us is that the customer who comes to us feels as comfortable as possible. That is why we have designed the rooms to exude the atmosphere of a quality hotel. At most, a special electric bed indicates that we are in a healthcare environment.

The furnishings in our rooms provide complete comfort and there is no need to bring your own bits and pieces. We provide towels, bathrobes, high quality hygiene products, and even slippers. A large-screen TV, air-conditioning, an in-room safe and high-speed wireless internet are all givens in the private healthcare world. Likewise, three times a day, our clients can choose from a menu of a surgery-appropriate diet prescribed by our doctor and approved by our dietitians.

What makes care at Dr. Rose patient-centered?

In our case, the fundamental feature of our service is patient-centered care. The care of our clients who come to us for surgery is not according to a strict schedule, but specifically according to the individual needs of the client, with quality characteristics that we also measure.

For example, if someone presses the nurse call button, our nurse should be available to our patient within a minute - but this is typically a few seconds and help arrives immediately. Of course, certain examinations, such as medical visits, are time-specific, as the surgical program and outpatient care require it.

As usual, during the morning and afternoon visits, the operating doctors and our patients consult with each other, and we endeavor, even after the operation, to have time to discuss all the details. But the fight against healthcare associated infections is also part of patient-centered care.

We pursue this to a high degree, our own hospital epidemiological inspector holds monthly visits, and we are under close control, and constantly improving our protection against pathogens. But perhaps most importantly, we work with a familiar, highly experienced team of professionals.

We pay a great amount of attention to hand hygiene, as this is the basis for protection against infections. Members of the nursing staff receive hand hygiene training twice a year. Daily cleaning and the changing of bed linen and towels are a natural part of patient care, but it is also natural for us to have bedside hand disinfectants available in every room, and hygiene and cleaning is the focus of the whole team.

How are the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic being tackled?

Strict protocols are in place to protect against the coronavirus. Those arriving for care are tested with an antigen rapid test in all cases, and if a positive result is obtained, the intervention is postponed. But as the procedure changes, we do too: when previously we only screened the unvaccinated, we now screen all patients who come to us for surgery, as well as our own staff.

What makes for a satisfied client after surgery?

We consider post-operative pain relief to be extremely important, as it can make recovery truly comfortable. Together with our clinicians, we have developed an excellent methodology for post-operative pain relief, which we tailor to each of our patients individually so that pain does not impede anyone's movement and rehabilitation after surgery - this promotes well-being and rapid recovery.

As usual, the rehabilitation of orthopedic patients begins the day after the operation, and the process is always assisted by a physiotherapist. with whom the rehabilitation starts by the bedside on the first day, but from the second or the third day rehabilitation continues in the physiotherapy room, and of course it is possible to return for the appropriate physiotherapy at any time after their discharge from hospital.

Following surgery, when does patient care cease?

Cooperation does not end with the patient’s discharge from hospital. All of our patients have a 24-hour hotline that answers calls immediately, deals with any problems they may have, involves the doctors immediately if necessary, and helps to answer any questions the patient may have.

This is also part of the reassuring and comforting service - perhaps this sense of security is the most important of all.

Additionally, following on from the care they have received, all our clients receive an online questionnaire, in which they can rate each stage of the service and let us know their opinion. We take the results very seriously – as in any area of life, we experience it every day when we use a professional service as a simple consumer.

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