Hungarikum Street @ Central Market Hall Budapest

  • 31 May 2022 6:24 AM
Hungarikum Street @ Central Market Hall Budapest
The Central Market Hall in Budapest become the fourth most popular tourist attraction in the city, and in 2013 CNN Travel also choose it as the most beautiful market in Europe.

From the Central Market Hall Team: In 2015 we built a Hungarikum street next to fish, wild meat and pickles shops on the -1 floor. The reason of this developement had a dual purpose.

The first was to increase the number of the costumers of the existing shops by expanding the attractions of the market, the second was to introduce quality, local values through high-quality Hungarian products.

The basement corridor is suitable for representing and promoting the best Hungarian food and souvenirs available in the hall.

The reputation of the country can be strengthened, if tourists really meet and get to know the Hungarian products, for example: peppers from Kalocsa and Szeged, sausages from Gyula and Csaba, Herz and Pick salami, acacia honey, lavender products from Tihany, aszú from Tokaj, goose liver, Rubik’s cube, Zsolnay porcelain.

The histories and cultural-historical significants of these products can be learned in both Hungarian and English language on the glass boxes.

At the two ends of the 140-meters-long shopping street there are two more additional things that the visitors can see. One of them is a visual world of colors by Károly Szelényi, which makes Geothe’s theory of color visible in a unique way.

The other one is Gábor Domokos and Péter Várkonyi’s invention, called Gömböc. Within a stable and unstable point, this object is one of the most significant Hungarian research results of recent years. The world’s first and only Gömböc-stroking area is located here, in Hungarikum street, where visitors can touch and try the object.

At the end of Hungarikum street visitors can get to know the 22 Hungarian wine regions and some typically Hungarian grape varieties, which are also helped by a three-dimensional map illustrating the Hungarian wine-producing regions.

On the wall you can see the winners of the ’Wine Producers of the Year’ title, which is chosen annually by the Hungarian Wine Academy.


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