Xplore Budapest: New Ethnography Museum

  • 6 Oct 2022 6:08 AM
Xplore Budapest: New Ethnography Museum
Nature and the man-made world coexist in harmony in this new building which is so striking at first sight, as it is such a departure in appearance from what we know about architecture in our everyday lives - see video below.

Moreover, it represents a fantastic combination of form and function, of cultural institution and meeting place - there is a nice cafe here too.

Built in the former Felvonulási Square, the imposing structure is divided into two wings that rise in opposite directions.

Sixty per cent of its exhibition space is below ground level, and a 7,300 square metre park and roof garden has been created on top of its two wings.

The curved roof garden serves as both a meeting point and a community space, and by climbing to its highest points you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the City Park.

At the junction of the two wings is the 1956 Revolution Memorial. The metal grid covering the buildings is decorated with motifs collected by ethnographic museums around the world.

The permanent and temporary exhibitions tell the story of the museum's collections over the last century and a half.

You don't even need a ticket to enter the Ceramic Art Space, which stretches forty metres in both directions.

The collection showcases the many functions of ceramic objects. In the exhibition halls, for which you will need a ticket to enter, Hungarian relics and ethnographic artefacts collected from all over world are displayed together:

For example the Amazonian feather crown and the Japanese samurai sword are well juxtaposed with Sárköz folk architecture, showing the diversity of the museum's collection and the sophisticated nature of the related scientific work.


MTI Photo: Városliget Zrt.

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