International Player Acquires Company Managing Hungarian Influencers

  • 4 May 2023 1:00 PM
International Player Acquires Company Managing Hungarian Influencers
A U.S.-based media and entertainment company targeting Generation Z has acquired Special Effects Media.

The company, which operated as both English and Hungarian legal entities, counted YouTube channels such as Pamkutya and Videómánia among its partners, which still have over one million subscribers today.

In addition, the success of channels such as Szerinted?, Watchmojo Hungary, and the Hungarian Olympic Team are also attributed to the company. Special Effects Media's two co-founders are Péter Müller and Gergő Szabó.

Gergő Szabó said he is proud that they have played a pioneering and defining role in building the domestic YouTube creator community and introducing it to the advertising market since 2013.

The co-founder of the influencer marketing company is Péter Müller, who is also the majority owner of Special Effects Ltd., the full-scale event service provider that has been operating for more than four decades.

"Successfully selling a company to an international player in the competitive market is a significant achievement, and the result of years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The time I spent at Special Effects Media, I have learned a lot about this exciting, ever-changing industry," said Péter Müller of the acquisition.

The sale of Special Effects Media does not affect the operations of the internationally recognized Special Effects Ltd.

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