Mastercard & Plant Trees In Regional Cooperation

  • 11 Apr 2023 3:54 PM
Mastercard & Plant Trees In Regional Cooperation
The online supermarket is launching its third campaign in Hungary, supporting the Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition's goal of planting 100 million trees. In addition to Hungary, customers of the Rohlik Group can also support this goal in Austria and Germany.

In the first campaign of Mastercard and Kifli last September, the target of 2,000 trees was raised prematurely, so in November they committed to planting 15,000 trees together. Customers who paid for their shopping with their Mastercard card saved in their Kifli profile during the promotion took part in the activity.

This significantly higher target was quickly achieved, so the current action will allow 20,000 trees to be planted. The mechanism has not changed this time, but the most active customers will also receive a special gift at the end of the promotion.

The partnership is part of Mastercard's Priceless Planet Coalition, launched in 2020, through which the payments technology company aims to plant 100 million trees globally over the next five years, all through partnerships.

The strict, science-based process has designated tree planting areas where climatic conditions will cause the tree to turn green 12 months of the year, and grow faster due to richer rainfall, so we do not lose time. Today, 2400 trees are cut down every minute, which means more than 7 million hectares of forested land per year.

Not only does this lead to significant wildlife loss, but deforestation accounts for 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. Priceless Planet would like to counteract this negative trend together with its partners.

"We are thrilled to once again join forces with Mastercard, which supports our mission to improve people's lives. We believe in sustainable operations, supported by our short and efficient supply chain and eco-friendly solutions such as eco-time slots, recyclable bags and food waste reduction initiatives. A truly great company also pays attention to the world we live in with an environmentally conscious approach during its operations," said Gabriel Makki, CEO of

"Taking proactive action on sustainability to protect the planet has become a priority for Mastercard, which is what our global Priceless Planet Coalition initiative is all about. It is a special pleasure for us that we have partners in this fight on the Hungarian market as well, and we can launch the third joint campaign with Kifli, which is an important step towards planting 100 million trees.

We believe that it is becoming increasingly important for Hungarian customers to shop in places where they pay attention to environmental protection and sustainability, and  actively participate in this. We very much hope to launch similar collaborations with more and more of our domestic partners in the near future," said Endre Eölyüs, Mastercard's Director for Hungary and Slovenia.

Kifli couriers deliver orders in eco-bags made of paper and PET bottles, which are also taken back for recycling. They serve up to 13-15 customers in a courier circle, and there are plenty of CNG-powered vehicles in the fleet.

The company also has a solution to reduce food waste, which also benefits the customer, as they get access to high-quality food that is nearing expiration at a great discount. Environmental awareness is therefore part of the company's everyday life.

The became operational in December 2019 with the firm aim to:

- provide quality food and service in Budapest and the surrounding settlements. The Company quickly gained popularity on the streets of the capital and its surroundings, with orders delivered.

In autumn 2022, their number has already exceeded  3 million. The now also around Lake Balaton and Lake Velence.

Available service In addition to business success, it pays great attention to sustainable operation also:

- Recycled packaging
- Fleet and eco-time slots powered largely by CNG
- Real solutions against food waste

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