EP Threatens to Sue Commission for Releasing Funds to Hungary

  • 22 Jan 2024 10:37 AM
  • BudaPost
EP Threatens to Sue Commission for Releasing Funds to Hungary
A left-wing columnist agrees with the European Parliament in its criticism of the European Commission, while a pro-government commentator describes the repeated moves by the EP against the Hungarian government as a ’despicable soap opera’.

The European Parliament accused Hungary of violating European core values and urged the Commission to find ways to strip Hungary of its voting rights within the Union. The resolution also threatened that the Parliament might take the Commission to court in case it releases further funds destined to Hungary but withheld on the basis of rule-of-law concerns.

In Népszava, Miklós Hargitai writes that instead of being a continental leader within the European Union, Prime Minister Orbán has become the kind of mythical creature used to scare children.

A large majority of MEPs agreed to condemn him, which proves to Hargitay that they expect European voters to agree with them, otherwise, they wouldn’t have passed such a resolution just six months before the European Parliamentary elections. He also agrees with the resolution in judging the European Commission as ’lenient beyond measure’ towards the Hungarian government.

In Magyar Nemzet, on the other hand, Tamás Pilhál describes the debate preceding the vote in the European Parliament as a ’voodoo session’ where obsessed tribesmen insert pins into an effigy representing their enemy.

He also remarks that resolutions condemning Hungary are regular practice within the European Parliament.

He dismisses that series of scenes as ’a despicable soap opera’. He believes that what the European Parliament is really about is to persuade Hungary to introduce trans toilets and compulsory LGBTQ tales in kindergartens, as well as supporting billions to be sent to Ukraine. 

(In his biweekly Friday morning radio interview, Prime Minister Orbán said keeping Hungary free of mass illegal immigration and keeping LGBT propaganda away from its children is worth more than any amount of money.)

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