Xploring Hungary Video: The Oxbow Lake of Körös at Szarvas

  • 28 Feb 2024 7:23 AM
Xploring Hungary Video: The Oxbow Lake of Körös at Szarvas
The Szarvas oxbow lake, separated from the River Körös, has become an integral feature of the city. Along its course, numerous local marvels, including natural, architectural, and cultural attractions, are situated along the shoreline.

Exploring these places by water is the optimal way to experience them. In the summer, the lake transforms into a fantastic spot for water activities, and it also hosts the country's largest water stage, making it a captivating destination for individuals of all ages to discover the wonders of Hungary.

In the Hármas-Körös River and its oxbow lakes we can find mostly European carp, carassius, bream, wels catfish, zander, eel, silver carp and even brown bullhead.

The quality of the backwaters is improved by water replenishment, river dredging, colonization of herbivorous fish species and plant thinning.

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