Leaked Poll Reveals Concerns of Hungarian Government, Officials Deny Paying for Survey

  • 2 May 2024 7:12 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Leaked Poll Reveals Concerns of Hungarian Government, Officials Deny Paying for Survey
Website 444 has obtained information that the Amarone company is conducting a public opinion poll on behalf of the government.

The survey covers various topics, including willingness to vote, what the respondent considers to be the most important problem in Hungary, what they fear and worry about within their family, and what they think about their financial situation.

Respondents are also asked who they would vote for in a Gergely Karacsony-Alexandra Szentkiralyi contest or a Karacsony-David Vitezy match in the Budapest mayoral election.

They are asked about their awareness of recent events, such as last week's incident in Brussels when venues refused to host a hard-right conference to be addressed by Orban.

Other questions suggest to respondents that Budapest housing prices and rents are less affordable since Karacsony became the mayor, that homelessness is worse, there is more traffic, and that Karacsony transferred the leadership of the city to Ferenc Gyurcsany and his friends and supporters.

Another aspect includes assessing perceptions of Orban's leadership in maintaining peace and family values.

Respondents were also asked who they thought was the stronger defender of family values: Orban, Ferenc Gyurcsany or Peter Magyar.

In February, the Call Express Public Opinion Research Institute, a division of Amarone, gauged public sentiment regarding Katalin Novak's involvement in the presidential pardon scandal and whether she should resign.

Telex has inquired at Antal Rogan's Cabiet Office to find out whether the government commissioned the research and, if so, how much it cost.

The Government Information Centre has denied commissioning this particular survey.


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