New 'Musical Road' in Hungary Soon to Play Popular Local Tune

  • 11 Jul 2024 12:40 PM
  • Hungary Today
New 'Musical Road' in Hungary Soon to Play Popular Local Tune
Although there were some problems, the experts managed to solve them, therefore it is planned that by the end of July motorists will be able to enjoy the new “musical road” section on Main road 21 in Heves County, northern Hungary.

The Nógrád County Newsportal reported that Zsolt Becsó, Member of Parliament emphasized that the “musical road” will be located in Heves county, on the Main road 21, after Hatvan, in the direction of Nógrád county, and will feature the hit song “Nélküled” by the Ismerős Arcok.

“A few weeks ago there was a site visit, during which a problem that is not unique was discovered. The road had to be re-mapped, because at 80 kilometers per hour it did not produce the right sound to clearly identify this well-known song,” said Zsolt Becsó, who revealed that the melody can now be heard in good quality.

The MP added that the latest information is that the “musical road” will be opened in Heves County at the end of July. However, this could still change, as it should only be handed over in such a way that the road users can identify the song and that it is a musical experience for them.

In 2019, Hungary’s first “musical road” section was completed, on Road 67: stylistically, you can hear the well-know Hungarian rock band Republic’s song “A 67-es út” (Road 67) as you drive through the rutted section (between Mernye and Mernyeszentmiklós, southwestern Hungary), best performed at 80 kilometers per hour.

In Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, a “musical road” section was inaugurated in 2022. Currently, a more comprehensive reconstruction of Road 37 is underway, including the completion of about ten kilometers between the Újharangod and Bekec (northeastern Hungary) junction.

This includes the meters where the Hungarian folk song “Érik a szőlő” can be heard.

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