'Spring Lantern Magic' at Budapest Zoo Until 21 April

  • 21 Mar 2024 12:25 PM
'Spring Lantern Magic' at Budapest Zoo Until 21 April
Until the third weekend in April, the public is invited to enjoy an atmospheric evening lantern parade in the eastern part of the Zoo (to the right of the circus when looking from the Zoo Boulevard).

In addition to a variety of lantern art and compositions, there will be animal attractions, including a pets zone and a Shark Tank, which will also be open in the evening. And the Vurstli zone will also be open, with the 1908 Schäftner carousel, the dwarf carousel, several other nostalgia carousels and the miniature railway.

What can visitors expect at the Spring Lantern Magic?

With the arrival of spring, the evenings are getting warmer and the weather is getting nicer. For these spring evenings, we offer a cosy evening programme with the Spring Lantern Magic, where the lanterns themselves are of course the main attraction.

Hundreds of lantern artworks, arranged into compositions in several locations, are used by the artists to display a variety of themes. Some of the lanterns are "creatures of light", representing animals, plants, or mythological creatures from fairy tales.

The lampion figures include tigers, butterflies, birds and reptiles, giant pandas, gorillas, pouched wolves representing animals exterminated by man, an archipelago of animals, a polar bear representing an entire Arctic landscape, and fish, rays and jellyfish representing marine life.

Some of the lanterns are reminiscent of Chinese civilisation, all the more so because the art of lanterns itself is of Chinese origin. The works on display here come from China, from the Sichuan province, and are the work of Chinese lantern artists.

The two largest lanterns, each a good ten metres tall, depict a dragon, an important symbol in Chinese civilisation, and a topical one now, as the lunar new year of 10 February marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon in the traditional Chinese calendar.

In addition, the lanterns also include figures of the first Chinese emperor, Qin-Shi Huangdi (Qin-Shi Huangdi), which is all the more interesting because these world-famous terracotta sculptures are known as monochrome, although they were originally painted and coloured, as are the lantern figures depicting them.

However, there are quite a few Chinese artists' lampions that represent the world of other cultures. Examples include the ancient Egyptian composition of pyramids and sphinxes, the Eastern Slavic figures of Father Frost (Gyed Moroz) and Snowflake (Snegurochka), or Vincent van Gogh's Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, a painting using the tools of lampoon art.

In addition to the lanterns, there are also animal attractions for visitors to the lantern fair. In this area of the zoo, you can also see the pets, including the residents of the Majorság and the surrounding pens.

Many of them have recently had babies, so you can also see baby goats and baby lambs. In the same area you will find the Shark School, which offers a lantern attraction every evening until 21:30, with a variety of sharks, rays, swordfish and other interesting marine animals.

The Vurstli Zone games are also open every evening during the Spring Lantern Magic. For example, you can ride on the Schäftner carousel with a wooden horse-drawn carousel, which has been in operation since 1908, the two nostalgic carousels next door, the dwarf carousel and even the little train, which is also popular with children.

During the Spring Lantern Magic, Budapest Zoo also offers gastronomic experiences. Near the Wildlife Rescue Centre, bread scones, strudel and other delicacies will complete the evening's programme.

Opening hours

The Spring Lantern Magic at the Zoo will be open until 21 April (Sunday) 2024, in the evenings. The gates open every evening at 6pm during March (until 31 March) and at 6.30pm during April.

The gates close at 22:00 each evening, until then you must leave the area. On-site daily ticket sales are available until 21.00 each evening, with the Shark Tank and Vurstli zones closing at 21.30. Zoo Team therefore advises visitors to arrive at the venue by 9pm at the latest.

More info including ticket prices and opening hours: 
Budapest Zoo

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