'Little Buda Beer Festival', Allee Gastronomy Promenade

Creative stands, build up from hundreds a bottles and pallet furniture gave the festival a unique and comfortable atmosphere at the Allee Gastronomy Promenade and made this festival to an unforgettable event.

Thanks to it's central and spacious location, the visitors could enjoy a fantastic time at this beer festival with their friends and family. Directly next to the promenade was a place to sit down and enjoy the sunny warm weather with a beerand tasty food.

Words and photos by Marcus Schirrmacher-Gavallér
Marcus is a professional photographer in Budapest with a  well equiped studio in Budapest. Focusing on event and portrait photography. He also photographs abroad, Like in in New York, London and some places in Germany. Marcus photosgraphy family events, club events, presentations etc. As a portrait photographer he knows how to create best portraits, also about people who never have been professionally photographed outdoor or in a studio.

  • 22 May 2018
  • Marcus Schirrmacher-Gavallér
  • 24 photos