Hennessy VSOP Launch Party In Hungary

The event was artfully introduced by Nora Szegedi and Dez O'Connell, and featured an interactive mixing workshop, after which guests were invited to invent their own cocktails, which all went down very well.

George IV, who was born in 1817 and later on became an English king, ordered a ’very superior old pale’ cognac from the Hennessy Maison. Not only did Hennessy create a balanced cognac perfect for a king, he also created a new category that has been in use since then: VSOP.

Since then 200 years have passed and virtually nothing has changed. The Hennessy master blender in the Fillioux family has been interchanged for 8 generations, constantly striving to preserve the special character of the VSOP. The result is a universally popular cognac that has been produced in perfect consistency for two centuries - yet is constantly renewed through limited editions and art collaborations.

This consistency is achieved by master blenders blending 60 eau-de-vies of different ages (4 to 15 years) and character, selected at the peak of their quality, from both younger and older barrels. The goal is always balance, and after 200 years, the character and style remain unchanged.

Hennessy VSOP was not available on the Hungarian market until 2019 through an official distribution, and it has now replaced 'Fine de cognac' on the market. Now that Hennessy has decided to revert to the classic & historical VS-VSOP-XO line, and thanks to Fine Brands Company the official distributor of the brand, event guests could taste VSOP in literally any form. The stated goal of the organisers was to show just how versatile this special cognac is, since you could enjoy it straight, on the rocks and in great cocktails.

  • 21 Nov 2019
  • Fine Brands Company
  • 40 photos