Towards Towers - Hidden Churches of Budapest, Petőfi Square, 12 September


Towards Towers - Hidden Churches of Budapest, Petőfi Square, 12 September
Meeting point: 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Square
Length of the English event: 2.5 hours

Route: Inner City Parish Church, Március 15. Square – Orthodox Cathedral of Our Lady, Petőfi Square – Szervita Square Catholic Church– Deák Square Lutheran Church – Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue – Szent Stephen Basilica, Szent István Square – Church of Returning Home, Szabadság Square – Hold Street Reformed Church – Nagy Ignác Street Unitarian Church

In our everyday rush, sometimes we do not realize that as we stare at the pavement in front of us we are actually passing through hallowed grounds. An amazing number of churches and synagogues of various denominations dot the map of Budapest. Many of them are significant not only for religious reasons, but also for aesthetic, artistic, and historical reasons as well. These buildings shed light on the original town and its inhabitants, and on how the religious life and church influence shaped the development of the growing metropolis from the second half of the 19th century onward.

During our 2.5 hour tour, we visit three churches representing different denominations. You will learn about the basic tenets of the different religions, the formation of the buildings, and the significance of the various parts of the city. Last but not least, we will share with you colorful stories about the long-ago city and its legendary inhabitants.

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Place: Petőfi Square Budapest
Address: 1052 Budapest, Petőfi tér
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