Sámuel Baló Trio, Opus Jazz Club Budapest, 5 January


Sámuel Baló Trio, Opus Jazz Club Budapest, 5 January
Sámuel Baló completed his jazz piano studies in Graz. For the third year in a row, he and his fellow musicians and friends – who have since then lived scattered throughout Europe – meet in Budapest around New Year's Eve to perform together in front of an audience, sharing their (musical) experiences gained in different parts of the world during the past year.

For this concert, they are reworking some of their own compositions, which Alana, Jan and Sámuel arranged specifically for this line-up.

There are compositions that strongly rhyme with the work of Ornette Coleman or Thelonious Monk, while others are more inspired by the modal tunes of McCoy Tyner.

Most of the compositions however are the "handiwork" of Sámuel Baló, with some inspired by Hungarian folk music.
Place: Opus Jazz Club Budapest
Address: 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.
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