Danube Carnival Gala, Margaret Island Open-Air Stage Budapest, 14 June


Danube Carnival Gala, Margaret Island Open-Air Stage Budapest, 14 June
The unique joint show crowns the Carnival with nearly 300 dancers and musicians in the picturesque surroundings of the Margaret Island Open Air Stage.

I. World Carnival

Spectacular carnival of nations from the Netherlands to Turkey with foreign dancers and musicians engaged in tradition and innovation, style and smile.

II. Ode to Joy, European Dance Symphony

The second act features a special performance dedicated to the presidency of Hungary in the European Union.

The show is put on stage in artistic collaboration including Hungary, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Serbia and Turkey. Along the unique traditions of the performing nations, choreographies composed for the international dance community can also be seen. The spirituality of the event features thoughts such as „unity without uniformity” and respect for each other’s cultures and identities. The joy of celebrating the treasures of folk dance and music radiates throughout the performance.

Ensembles representing member states as well as candidate countries of the European Union are joining the Hungarian State Folk Dance Ensemble, the Duna Art Ensemble on the stage.

The viewer is enchanted by interpretations dedicated to solistic and jointly performed scenes that are presented through overwhelming energy of the nearly two hundred dancers in the entangled cultures of the European nations.
Place: Margaret Island Open-Air Stage
Address: 1007 Budapest, Zielinski Szilárd sétány
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