Football Pitch On The Roof Of Budapest Airport

  • 31 May 2010 1:00 AM
Football Pitch On The Roof Of Budapest Airport
"The construction of the SkyCourt, the new terminal building at Ferihegy Airport has entered another exciting phase. As all the pieces of the impressive roof structure are lifted into place, the most spectacular phase of the construction, the covering of the shell-shaped roof, has already started.

The huge supporting structure is being covered with a football-pitch-sized layer of metal and reflection-free glass. The application of the special, reflection-free technology is necessary because reflecting sunrays would disturb aircraft pilots, so any other solution would endanger aviation safety.

The contractor has transported 14 tailor-made, approximately 80-meter-long special metal panels and more than 800 special glass panels to the construction site.

The metal covering will be used to cover the main holding elements of the roof structure, whilst the wide safety glass panels will be placed in the stripes in between the elements. This solution ensures that passengers entering the building are able to spend the time left until the departure of their flights in a spacious, bright and airy environment.

The contractor will use a total of 1200 tons of steel and nearly 3000 square meters of special glass panels to construct and cover the roof structure. The dimensions of the construction works are clearly shown by the fact that the quantity of steel and metal used for the roof structure of the SkyCourt would have been sufficient to construct a large sports hall, according to experts.

The contractor plans to finish work on the entire roof structure by the end of July. Once completed, the new terminal building will largely assume its final external appearance, that is, the unique architectural solutions seen on Budapest Airport’s spectacle designs will soon come to life. According to the intentions of Budapest Airport’s engineers, the SkyCourt will add another emblematic building to the Hungarian capital."

Source: Budapest Airport

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