Hungary's Balaton Swim Interrupted

  • 27 Jul 2010 12:10 PM
Hungary's Balaton Swim Interrupted
"The Balaton Swim was postponed this weekend due to a forcasted storm. The fierce winds left the lake strangely placid, but in any case, the next try will be this coming Saturday or Sunday. My friends and logistical supporters Akos and Nori were still going down for the weekend to Balatonalmadi, so I tagged along for a relaxing weekend. We climbed two hills in the area to get the stunning view from two different look-out towers, one at Csere hegy and I think the other one was on Tamas hegy.

Another excursion took us to Nagyvazsony, which by chance was participating in the Muveszetek Volgye Festival this year. Several villages in the area participate each year in a week of exhibitions, concerts, dance and many other programs; including Kaplocs, Ocs, Vigandpetend, Pula, Monostorapati, Taliandorog and Nagyvazsony. I went for 5 years in a row and always had a good time. It goes on until August 1st.

We went to Nagyvazsony to check out Kinizsi Castle, built by Pal Kinizsi, King Mattyas' favorite battle commander. The castle, built to protect 2 major springs, was very well renovated and offers a great view at the top of the tower. We also checked out the local ethnographic museum and the ruin of a monastery.

On the way back to Balatonalmadi, we chanced upon a horse and carriage driving competition and caught the last two competitors. While the wheels are still wooden and the horses still natural, the bodies of the carriages pulled by a team of four horses are made of high-tech metals and the 3-person teams wear what look like bullet-proof vests.

The teams must navigate several tight mazes at speed, while the team member on the back throws his/her weight around to help take the tight corners.

During the weekend I learned a few new Hungarian words:
aranyer = piles/hemmoroids
kocsogfa = a tree where ceramic pitchers are hung upside down to dry after milking and rinsing out. Often found by a gate, and sometimes connected to a well for thirsty travellers.
koszveny = gout
ullo = anvil"

Source: Treehugger Dan's Positive Blog

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