Building Bridges Through English Language In Hungary

  • 13 Aug 2010 3:00 AM
Building Bridges Through English Language In Hungary
"English language students and their teachers are participating in a U.S. Embassy sponsored summer camp at Lake Balaton, where in addition to practicing their English skills, they are learning about each other’s countries and cultures. Visiting the camp on August 12, Ambassador Kounalakis remarked that a real strength of the camp was in facilitating communication.

The students are communicating in a common language, English, which puts everyone on an equal footing and encourages them to share their thoughts and opinions. Ambassador Kounalakis encouraged all of the students to continue the work they have begun at camp and to be leaders in building understanding and cohesion in their communities and across peoples.

From July 31-August 14, the American Embassy in Budapest is organizing the fifth annual “Teaching Tolerance through English” summer camp in Balatonelle for 45 students (age 11-13) and their English teachers from Hungary and six additional countries (Bulgaria, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia). The students and teachers are participating in a variety of athletic, theatrical, artistic and educational activities designed to promote tolerance and an appreciation of each other’s cultures while enhancing their English language skills.

The educational programs are facilitated by two highly-respected American educators and text-book authors, Drs. Mary Lou McCloskey and Lydia Stack. The curriculum includes American as well as regional literature, songs, skits and games. The athletic and artistic program is being led by Ms. Molly Staeheli, an experienced camp director from the U.S. and her nine camp counselors.

After the two-week program, students will continue their joint projects via e-mail and exchange visits. The program is fully sponsored by the American Embassy in Budapest, and the U.S. Embassies in Bulgaria, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia."

Source: U.S. Embassy Budapest

Photo: Ambassador Kounalakis with the participants of the Teaching Tolerance through English summer camp (Embassy photo by Attila Németh)

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