Get On Your Bike - 5 Routes From Budapest

  • 10 Aug 2010 2:00 AM
Get On Your Bike -  5 Routes From Budapest
"With longer days at our disposable and a lot more free time available to us. During this summer, it is time to really get out the city smog and see some of the great outdoors, those rolling planes, fields full with sunflowers, vineyards, little creeks and maybe the odd hill which will give you a sense of freedom.

In Hungary, we are very lucky to have at our disposal the majestic Danube which stretches through many countries as it makes it way from the Black forest to the Black Sea. mean there are a worth of little towns and pathways out there to explore.

Whether it be only a few hours a day or even days on end. Cycling especially if you have children its a great way to get them off the couch and active. Kids and bikes go hand in hand as it gives them such a great sense of freedom and independence and even you can recapture this experience.

"For a first tour, and when travelling with young children, 30 to 35km per day is an ideal distance, allowing you to go at your own pace and still have time to stop off anywhere that takes your fancy. Any reason for taking a break is a good reason!"

Before you hope on you hope on your bike, below are 5 routes which are easily accessible taking you along the Danube. A great place to start your ride can be from Batthany ter opposite the Hungarian parliament on the Buda side.

Szentendre 25km

Riding to Szentendre is great day out for the whole family or just a group of friends. Once leaving Budapest it will guide you towards the Romai part,it is well mark out and most of the way you will following winding paths along the Danube. Upon arriving in Szentendre the paths takes you right pass the towns many cafes. Where you can enjoy lock your bike and enjoy a drink. It shall take approx 2 hours at a nice leisurely pace

Visegrad 55km

Only a further 25km from Szentendre, as you will continue your way along the Danube, tucked away from the main traffic. You will pass many open fields full of sunflowers to brighten your journey and off in the distance hill ranges ranges can be seen. Sprinkled along the route are many parks where you can stop and enjoy a picnic by the Danube. The most amazing moment is when you finally arrive at the gates which welcome you Visegrad. This gate is still part of the wall which surrounded the city. There is a bike rack right by the church where you can lock it, if you feel the urge since you have come this far to walk to the top of the hill to admire the old castle and the sweeping views of the Danube bend. Appox 4hours riding from Budapest

Esztergom 75km

Still following the route north it will take you right round the Danube bend. Where you can enjoy even more spectacular views of the region. Trips to Estergom will be suited for a weekend break allowing you to sleep the night there discover the city and even take the train back home if needed.

Vác 40km

Keeping on the Pest side, moving north along the Danube past St Istvan Park and under Arpard Hid. This relatively straight forward route will take you through the countryside up past Godollo palace where Hungarian royalty lived and a town called God! But pronounced differently due to phonetics. approx 4 hours riding

Ráckeve 50km

Heading south, on the pest side you will have the National Theatre to your left and continuing on you will reach Cespel island where you may have a glance of Olympians training in the Danube. For this section of the Danube is relatively clam and great for training purposes. Further up you will cycle behind old industrial parts of the city that time have forgotten and open wilderness. Also you will be amazed by the beautiful houses which line themselves along the bank of the Danube. Reaching Rackeve you can lock your bikes along the promenade or even just cycle around the small streets enjoying the many different religious churches. Appox 4 hours

Balaton 210km

For Hungarians and many central Europeans, the continents largest in land lake is quite a popular retreat for all whom want to get away. The Cycle route is clearly marked right the way round following the dynamic outline which takes you through the most picturesque parts of the area. It is worth the idea to either look into brining your own bike and check with the domestic trains about their bike policy or just make your way to any of the main towns scattered around the lake and hire a bike."


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