FirstMed Center Offer: Pediatric Dental Check In September

  • 22 Sep 2010 12:10 PM
FirstMed Center Offer: Pediatric Dental Check In September
Offer includes: 1 general dental check-up, 1 orthodontic check-up, max. 2 intraoral digital x-rays/per child

Dentistry for Children: Our dentists good in have experience pediatric dental treatments, and are devoted to helping parents in their quest to care for their children’s teeth.

Special dental services for children:
- Fluoride applications
- Fissure sealant that keeps away the caries from your children's teeth
- Painless removal of baby teeth
- Thorough monitoring of growing children's teeth
- Cooperation with the orthodontist

Orthodontic treatments:
- Preventative treatment for small children
- Fixed metal and porcelain/ceramic braces as well as invisible ones
- Removable appliances

Dental Services

FirstMed and ES Evident would like to introduce the dentistry services available at the clinic, which include:

* Conservative procedures - composite, ceramic and porcelain fillings

* Preventative care - cleanings, dental hygiene, fissure sealing fluoride application for children and pregnant women

* Dental surgery - extractions, surgical extractions, oral implants

* Prosthodontics - crowns, bridges, veneers

* Orthodontics - fixed and removable orthodontic braces, appliances

* Periodontal treatments - gum -and tissue problems, tooth stabilization

* Aesthetic dentistry - whitening, polishing, inlays, onlays"

Source and more information: FirstMed Centers

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