25-28 November: 2010 Budapest Art Fair

  • 25 Nov 2010 2:00 AM
25-28 November: 2010 Budapest Art Fair
Budapest hosts one of the most important art fair of the Central and Eastern European region this weekend at Műcsarnok (Heroes Square). The most successful Hungarian art fair attracts the attention of the international trade and after the varied renowned art exhibitions held in Berlin, Paris, London, New York or Basel Budapest is ready to show its potential this year as well. The event is opened to the critiques, collectors, visitors and generally all art-lovers who want to mesmerize their senses at an exclusive fair.

This year Budapest Art Fair is more exiting than ever as it offers the visitors a truly modern experience and shows the most noticeable works of contemporary artists but this is not all. At the fair, the most renowned galleries of Hungary exhibit their precious collections creating an art-heaven for the collectors and for the average onlooker too who has the opportunity to have a unique and rare insider’s view into this world where usually only art experts, curators, gallery owners, or artists indulge to their common passion. Altogether more than 60 galleries are present at the fair, half of them from Hungary. Now for the first time since 1994 when the exhibition was founded old furniture and other objects of art are at a separate fair at the Ethnography Museum.

Besides the main event, which is a spectacular celebration of modern and contemporary art, the numerous “extras” give the occasion a truly rich and lively aspect.

At the Heroes Corner more than 25 galleries from 12 countries are taking part in the 2010 Art Fair. The Corner features 20 of the most modern and dynamic galleries from Central and Eastern Europe and five from the Western world. Each gallery is exhibiting a single work by artists form Bosnia, Poland, Romania, Georgia, Russia, USA and so on.

In a separate room the Art Fair’s special Rodchenko Exhibition displays the particularly interesting Russian photography of the 1920s and 1930s with 80 prints from original negatives by Alexander Rodchenko and many of his contemporaries like Boris and Elizaveta Ignatovich, Michael Prechner, Shaikhet, Evzerikhin, Shagin, Egorov or Markov-Grinberg. This very specific period of the 20th century photography leads the visitor through the early Russian Communist period after the 1917 October Revolution and also shows the new photographic language, the constructivist approach in the created images.

Art Magazin Forum is a series of panel discussions hold by different gallery owners, curators or sponsors and the aim is to debate on the sponsorship of the contemporary art especially the Hungarian one and how the new artists should be supported more efficiently in the future. Guests are István Árvai (K’Arts), Péter Fertőszögi (Kogart), Péter Balogh (Amadeus Foundation), and the representatives of Aviva Bank and K&H Bank.

Robert Capa the legendary Hungarian-born American photographer is palpably present here too with a discussion-event about his controversial life, his love for the also photographer Gerda Taro and the debate concerning the Falling Soldier Series.

On Saturday, the Hungarian film premier of the Untitled is presented, a 2009 film comedy about the world of collectors, galleries, critiques and artists through the love story of the owner of a fashionable contemporary art gallery and a young and avant-garde composer. A panel discussion is going to follow the screening where the major themes of film are further explored.

Children are in the center as well with two major initiatives. One is the Create Program where children of all ages can learn about contemporary art through interactive games and can try their hand and creativity in the artistic workshops. The other project is the Bátor Tábor Silent Charity Auction where pictures painted by children with the help of the artists are exhibited and auctioned off. This is connected with a true night of the museum as on Friday the youngsters will sleep in the museum and end the party with a glamorous breakfast. (Bátor Tábor is a foundation that has been functioning since 2001 and offers therapeutic programs for children with cancer, diabetes, JRA or hemophilia).

Special guided tours introduce the event to the guests every day. The Balázy Lévai, András Réz and Nóra Winkler lead “subjective” tours on Saturday but by booking in advance the visitors can take part in tours at which art historians show around, give detailed information and answer all the questions.

WAMP artists bring their products and designs at the museum shop and the ordinary visitors have the chance to take home a small piece of contemporary art on fair prices. ArtFair Bistro adds to the extremely colorful experience as the chefs and confectioners have created food and cakes inspired by the fair and the international cuisine.

Words by Ana Minadora Sbarci for XpatLoop.com

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