From Chest Of Drawers To Rings At Museum Of Ethnograpy In Budapest

  • 22 Nov 2010 12:00 AM
From Chest Of Drawers To Rings At Museum Of Ethnograpy In Budapest
"Paintings, decorative objects, Art Nouveau interior decorations, jewellery, furniture, sets of cutlery, sculptures, pillows and cushions, bowls, paperweights, wall brackets – and even hundreds of art treasures await the admirers of antiquities from 2 to 5 December 2010 in downtown Budapest.

The 14th Antique Interior Art Exhibition and Fair, that is the first and only antique art fair in Hungary since its debut in 1994, this year returns to the location of initial success, to the Museum of Ethnography that can be found close to the famous art district of Budapest.

The antiques exhibition, being independent till 2006, in the last three years was held at the Art Hall under the auspices of Budapest Art Fair. This year, due to the changes in the concept of the Art Fair and the feedback and requests of the visitors, the organisers of Antique Interior have decided to return to the roots and the Antique Interior Art Exhibition and Fair will be held again on its old name and place of the earlier successes at the Museum of Ethnography that was completed with a modern visitors centre this summer.

During the first weekend of December – at the time of festive preparations, the glittering Christmas lights and advent fairs – the renowned galleries of Antique Interior are preparing for the event with the crème of their collections. Among the exhibitors, there will be well-known and significant representatives from art galleries, auction houses, interior design studios, restoring workshops, publishing houses of art magazines and albums, interior architecture and design periodicals, as well as publications on art collections. Visitors may not only admire the exhibited artworks: from chests of drawers to rings, everybody can find something suitable to their taste and budget that might be an excellent Christmas gift as well.

The fair will offer antique furniture form the collection of BÁV and Antik-Restaurátor Kft., a company engaged in the full-fledged renewal of antique furniture, as well as that of Pintér Galéria and Aukciósház. Furthermore, in addition to wardrobes, tables, elegant dining-room and drawing room suite made in the renaissance, baroque, Louise Seize and Biedermeier style, the unique furniture pieces of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, those of the Balkan states will be found on the stand of Stúdió Agram while in the assortment of Artcore Antik & Design, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Bauhaus furnishings of the 20th century will also be offered. The latter mix convenience and usability with sophisticated unique features, in a way excellently fitting to the nowadays so fashionable euro-style interior designs.

Patinás Lámpa Kft., that won the Denkmal gold medal at the leading fair of monument protection and restoration held in Leipzig in November 2008, will show, during the event, the most special pieces of the thousands of products forming its classic and modern lamp families. The fine chandeliers, lamps and wall brackets produced hand-made from cast to assembly may be an actual jewel of your home.

Kilim Kft., the specialist of beautiful, nomadic wool carpets, has been providing proof for 12 years that an actual asset is independent of the style of interior decoration and does fit to all styles from Biedermeier or rustic to the minimal style. The non-knotted woven carpets from Central Asia and Asia Minor, made for centuries long with ancient motives as well as the nomadic furnishings are made from the wool of sheep or goats or sometimes from silk. The nomadic saddlebags of the Iranian Baktlar tribe to be showed at the fair are held in high respects by collectors as their colors, patterns, weaving structures are both astonishingly modern and traditional. The wedding pieces are extremely exciting as following the ceremony they are turned into carpets.

Among others valuable sculptures, paintings, graphics, prints, engravings and frames will also be offered on the stand of Artistique and that of Erdész Galéria & Design at the fair. In addition to paintings, graphics and sculptures, Erdész Galéria dealing with the avant-garde artists of the 20th century (László Moholy-Nagy, Lajos Kassák, Sándor Bortnyik), artists of the European School of Szentendre (Endre Bálint, Lajos Vajda, Dezső Korniss, Margit Anna) as well as world famous Hungarian classic and contemporary photographers will present a special collection at Antique Interior this year.

The 60-100-year old masks, sculptures and personal belongings (grain storage pot, stool of the head of tribe), folk-work of the Senufo ethnic group, are from the estate of a Hungarian collector who lived in Paris.

Old books, manuscripts, prints, picture postcards, maps and graphics will await those interested at three stands (the Dávidházy, Földvári and the Opera antique shops). The fans of rare coins, special silver ornamental pieces, glass pieces, porcelain, ceramics will have the opportunity of choosing from among the pieces to be exhibited by Anno Régiség és Ékszerbolt, Magyar Kerámia Galéria and Tallér Antikvitás.

The visitors of the stand of Millennium Antikvitás may admire the high quality and valuable pieces of the Zsolnay factory, meeting all the requirements of collectors. Demonstrated pieces will include the early articles of the works and trace back the history of the factory, representing different eras through extraordinary pieces, with special regard to historicism and Art Nouveau. Müller és Társa Lakásgaléria will demonstrate the Neo Deco works of Árpád Müller, painter, as well as personal belongings in the Art Deco and the Bauhaus style and special crocodile bags.

Ómama Antik and Ómama Bizsuja will offer a wide assortment of unique jewels and precious stones, watches, dress jewellery, small jewels, pieces of fine workmanship, accessories, brooches, tie-pins, sleeve-links, buttons, dresses, hats, bags and shoes. In addition to classic historic styles such as Biedermeier and historicism, the objects of art deco and modernism of the 20th century will also be demonstrated to the visitor but the fans of brands will also be able to find design pieces of their favourite creators.

During the exhibition, being faithful to traditions, free appraisal and evaluation of artworks will be available; and not to be left out the raffle either: owing to BÁV Auction House one lucky visitor can return home from 14th Antique Interior Art Exhibition and Fair not only rich in experience but as an owner of a one ounce gold bar worth of three hundred thousand forints.

Venue Museum of Ethnography
H-1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square12.
Opening hours 2-5 December, 2010 10:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m.
Tickets Daily ticket 8 EUR
Senior citizens and Students 6 EUR
Catalogue 8 EUR


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