Video: New Names At Budapest Sziget Festival 2012

  • 26 Jan 2012 1:40 AM
Video: New Names At Budapest Sziget Festival 2012
The 20th Sziget Festival this summer aims to be a whole lot more than just a jubilee get-together. 2012 will once again see some of the hottest new bands in the festival’s line-up, including synthpop phenomenon: Hurts, and UK rock scene’s finest ambassadors: The Horrors. Other new names on this year's line up are Mando Diao, Friendly Fires, Noah And The Whale, The Subways, and Crystal Fighters. To keep the right mixture of new and iconic, Placebo will also present their new album. Read on for info about each band.

Placebo  - pictured above

Brian Molko’s invincible Placebo doesn’t really need to be introduced, since they’ve been around for almost two decades, shaping the alternative music scene ever since. Their last album, Battle for the Sun was released in 2009 and earned them an MTV Europe Music Award the same year. They are spending most of 2012 in the studio, working on their seventh LP… and these guys mention Sziget as one of their favorite festivals, so the beautiful friendship will hopefully come to a climax right at Main Stage.


Hurts is one of the most exciting bands of the British electro pop scene and those fans who were lucky enough to fit in the A38 tent during last year’s Sziget can easily prove this. Their debut album, Happiness was an instant success and their 2011 Glastonbury gig was chosen by New Musical Express as the best concert of the festival. This year they are set to show their strength on the Main Stage of Sziget.

The Horrors

The Horrors plays intelligent, heartfelt guitar rock and their 2011 Skying LP was as perfect as it gets. The Essex-based band is a prime ambassador of the UK rock scene, not only beloved in their own country, but quickly becoming a top choice of international festivals.


If you missed Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla, or couldn’t check out the band’s 2009 Sziget gig, well, then here’s your best chance to finally meet The Subways. This British rockers stream out an awesome level of energy during live shows, while their new album, Money and Celebrity came out in September 2011.

Crystal Fighters

Traditional, acoustic, Basque instruments playing fat bass lines, euphoric electro sounds from easy chill-wave and speedy dupstep origins. Got it? These are actually the best labels we could find to showroom the free ideas of Crystal Fighters. It’s complex and unrivaled in the universe of music.

Mando Diao

The five members of Mando Diao proudly represent the Swedish alternative scene. This is an energetic and experienced live band, mixing 60’s rhythm and blues with punk, garage and 90’s guitar pop. In 2010 they released an unplugged LP, Above and Beyond, which was also presented at MTV’s legendary Unplugged show.

Noah and the Whale

Kinda’ looking like heroes from a Wes Anderson movie, while their indie-pop music also shows some American folk influence. For sure they are catchy and fun to hear, so Sziget nr. 20 proudly presents Noah & The Whale, also renown as the most exciting band of the London suburbs.

Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires is maybe the most stylish indie dance-pop bands that the UK currently has to offer. After releasing two of the most important indietronica albums of the last half decade (Friendly Fires in 2008 and Pala in 2011), they are eager to give their best for Sziget fans this summer.


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