Invitation: Danube - Open Book, Mai Manó House Budapest, Until 6 May

  • 27 Mar 2012 9:00 AM
Invitation: Danube - Open Book, Mai Manó House Budapest, Until 6 May
"Countries of this region are very different. If we try to find a common denominator, they all have the Danube run through them for shorter or longer stretches, mediating among peoples, regions, and countries. It conveys culture, economic goods, ways of life, good and bad, everything. All this is, in fact, contained in the poem of one genius Hungarian poet that was written in 1936 – yet, time has not transcended even one word, one article of it.

The exhibition shows the everyday routine of the Danube revealing its various faces that almost imperceptibly surround our individual faiths and events of our common history as well for centuries. Building on the river’s characteristic features, not only do contemporary works and archive shots visualize the distinctive nature of particular places, but they also portray the water with its general details and, at times, they discuss the relationship between human and water in surprising context.

The 1st Floor showcases a selection by Gabriella Csizek from the works of the distinguished and successful middle and younger generation of contemporary Hungarian photo art. The pieces are reflections inspired by the Danube. Displaying these rather varied collections provides for individual approaches to be receptive of associations worthy of attention and contemplation.

Mai Manó Gallery exhibits a selection by Károly Kincses of archive shots along with lenticular images, a special technique in photography from recent photographs by László HEGEDŰS 2 and Miklós KOTZ, exposing the past and present of the Danube with its constant flow and the strength of the mass of water.

Archive shots of unknown artists are on view throughout the exhibition. The works projected are from the collections of the Danube Museum of Esztergom, FORTEPAN, MTI (Hungarian News Agency Group), as well as the images of the exhibitions organized by the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists in the theme of the Danube. There are also series featured about the Danube from contemporary photographers.

In March and April, we are organizing educational programs in collaboration with the Danube Museum of Esztergom, as well as photographers ALIONA FRANKL and LENKE SZILÁGYI.

The exhibition The Danube – an open book entails the works exhibited at the Berlaymont building in Brussels in March 2010 through the sponsorship of Hungarofest Nonprofit Ltd."


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