MüSzi - A Unique Community Space In Budapest

  • 5 Mar 2012 8:00 AM
MüSzi - A Unique Community Space In Budapest
" Following the hippest European trends, a group of young artists are planning to establish a cultural complex and civil community space named MÜSZI (MŰvelődési SZInt) on the long-unexploited third floor of the Corvin Department Store in Blaha Lujza square. MŰSZI will simultaneosly be home to various community activities, public art and social events, as well as exclusive workshop proceedings. We wish to attain all this with no state aid whatsoever.

The history of MÜSZI (Művelődési Szint – Cultural Level) goes back to the fall of 2011, when some members of a group of young artists hit upon the dilapidated third floor of the Corvin Department Store in Blaha Lujza square, empty and unused for years. Seeing the potentials of the huge place, they began their resolute and persistent work to create this stopgap community space in Budapest.

After having seized the area in December, the inventors of Müszi (Júlia Bársony, Lili Tillmann and Mátyás Mao Kálmán) had called for applications for artists to rent workshops, and met with unexpected interest. In less than two weeks some 80 creative groups handed in their applications, from among which the winners were chosen by a board of professionals. The Studio Nomad team of architects are continually working on the perfection of the creative spaces, using recycled and green materials to establish the partitions and water system of the place.

MÜSZI is a complex cultural and civil community space, simultaneously housing community activities, public art and social events, as well as exclusive workshop proceedings. Among its most cherished values are social and environmental awareness, sustainability, its grassroots nature, innovative and cooperative methods and approaches, and, of course, independence.

The conception of MÜSZI follows the hippest European trends, which makes it a true novelty in the cultural life of Hungary. It is a matchless and most topical objective to launch and run such a large-scale privately financed art projekt, totally independent from state resources. The spot itself follows the trend of community architecture reflecting the effects of the economic crisis.

The artistic initiatives of the many originally detached places (offices, studios, workshops), scattered across the city, will be integrated into a large common space, both more economical and environmentally aware, offering the possibility of both sharing the expenses and common artistic creation.

This, begetting a manifold and fruitful intercourse and connection of artists, in-house cultural events and professionals visiting in-house co-working offices, is also expected to provide artists with an excellent opportunity of networking and exchanging work experiences, thus inciting the birth of new thoughts, ideas and innovations.

The creative crew of MÜSZI proudly features foreign artists as well, strengthening international connections and supporting resident programmes.

According to our plans, besides the (hopefully) non-stop creative base and cultural center, theatre and dance studios, fine arts workshops and storages, several community spaces, presentation and conference halls will also be established.

For further financing of the works already in progress, the MÜSZI crew is also seeking supporters on the website

. Here, the funds necessary for launching the projects may be raised by the community, like in the saying 'little streams make big rivers'. In return for the amounts offered, supporters can enjoy certain benefits. Those supporting the project with 5000 Ft shall get a herb as a gift, in a uniquely designed special recycled pot. Should the amount exceed 10 000 Ft, supporters shall be honoured with a unique postcard designed by the artists, as well as a Membership Card valid for one year. In addition, patrons will receive an invitation to the exclusive opening party.

Donators with an amount exceeding 50 000 Ft will, besides the above, be remunerated with a nice little piece of art designed personally for them by the artists of the house (a work of graphic art, a painting, a drawing, etc.). Remember: supporting MÜSZI means partaking in the establishment of one of the newest and most thrilling locations of Budapest, as well as fomenting the birth of the most bustling contemporary independent cultural node of the city. "

For further information please contact Dorka Tamás by clicking here

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