Escape From Budapest To Mimpi Resort Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia

  • 18 Apr 2012 9:00 AM
Escape From Budapest To Mimpi Resort Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia
Perched above a sacred hot spring adjacent to Bali Barat National Park - and the famous diving site of Menjangan Island - this resort is uniquely set on the shore of a secluded bay. High-ceiling rooms complete with marble and thatched-roofs, pools, thermal bath, floating restaurant, a spa, and the dive center are linked by pathways winding beneath tropical trees and a stunning natural backdrop. The passion of this eco-retreat is to explore nature, both above and below the enticing blue water.

Much More Than A Luxury Diving Resort

The active type of traveler can participate in a wide array of activities at this natural haven. As well as diving, the Mimpi Resort Menjangan is an ideal setting for fishing and canoeing. For those prefering to stay on land, guests can explore the flora and fauna of Barat National Park, visit the famous Balinese temple Pura Pulaki. Worth the short excursion from the resort is the original capital of Bali, Singaraja, with its diverse mix of Islamic; Arabic; Chinese and Balinese cultures.

The Mimpi Dive Center in Menjangan is operated under affiliation with PADI R-6434. Like any dive operation of Mimpi, it's site-based with all the expertise needed to cover all Bali’s northwest sites. A dedicated team, well-maintained equipment and a passion for quality is combined to put safety first.

Located in easy access to all major sites in the area, diving from the resort is both convenient and rewarding. Staying at the resort gives an advantage of guests being able to make early morning dives before other day-trip divers from the south arrive.  All of Mimpi Resort Menjangan's 24 courtyard villas feature their own hot tub, filled with thermal water from the local spring. A large hot water pool in the landscaped surroundings of the resort serves the needs of guests in the 30 patio rooms.

Section Of Available Accommodation

- Grand Courtyard Villa Pools - 2 grand courtyard villas are well appointed in the front row of all the accommodation. It is larger and more spacious than all other villas. The gazebo and hot spring tub are uniquely located on the corner of its courtyard. A private fresh water dip-pool is set adjacent to its wooden deck which features an outdoor table with umbrella. The entrance is through a antique carved wooden door, past a lily pond. The ambience is one of romance, and it well suits  a honeymoon or private retreat.

- Courtyard Villas with Pools - 4 courtyard villas are available with a private fresh water dip-pool. Each pool villa has all the amenities of a regular villa, including the hot spring tub and gazebo. Additionally an outdoor table with umbrella is added in its courtyard. Optionally some of the pool villas are connected to another villa without a pool, making it an ideal choice for a family stay. The ambience is private and relaxed, also an ideal setting for a honeymoon or private retreat.

- Patio Rooms - 30 patio rooms face the lush greenery of a tropical garden. Each room features a large veranda with comfortable cushions. The entrance to each room is beside a small pond. The bathroom half-opens onto a small garden, allowing contact with nature whilst showering. The room has a marble floor, airy high ceiling and wood furniture. Adjoining rooms are made available for a family stay. A natural hot pool with thermal spring water is available in front of the room for communal bathing.

Exotic Dining At Sunset

The Sunset Restaurant floats in the secluded bay, overlooking the untouched beauty of a nature park. An afternoon tea or coffee with stunning sunset behind majestic mountains is a pleasure to behold. We recommend you dine beneath the stars on the wooden decking, time seems to float away in such a relaxing way.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is friendly and cozy, the menu offers dishes from around the globe, and so suits every taste. A sunken bar in the middle of the room serves a variety of beverages. The food and service combined with the setting is spectacular, perfectly in harmony with the amazing sunsets.

Bathing Pools To Suit Every Mood

- The garden pool is located in front of the villas, overlooking spacious open grass and overshadowed by beauty of the park nature. Open-air gazebos are added to serve as comfy day-beds. It's ideal for lounging, reading or simply relaxing at any time of day.

- The bay pool is perched right at edge of the bay, next to the spring overlooking a secluded lagoon fringed by the lush mangrove forest. It's a perfect spot to observe the changing colors of the park 'monsoon forest' from season to season. During the dry period from August to October, macaque monkeys can be often seen hanging in the mangrove branches right in front of the pool.

- Two spring pools face the mangrove fringes by the bay. Fed directly by the spring adjacent to the pools, water is kept fresh both in temperature and its mineral quality. It's a breathtaking spot to enjoy luxury bathing in the middle of secluded environment. Another communal spring pool is in the garden of the patio room complex as another option for bathing before retiring.

A Resort Spa Inspired By A Dream

To interpret the water’s healing effects into a well-being therapy center, the Mimpi Spring Spa sits adjacent to a natural spring. An eco-concept is present in its architectural design, which uses local materials, re-cycled wooden furniture, natural lighting, exclusive bamboo linen, re-cycled paper, bio-fresh ingredients.

A thermal spring hydro jaccuzzi pool is set at the edge of mangrove lagoon. The herbal spring bath and various traditional spa treatments focus on a concept in harmony with the body’s own energy, to produce natural healing and well-being. Signature treatments include Mimpi Herbal Compress, Mimpi Art Movement, Singing Bowl, Thai Bare Foot Massage and Mimpi Signature Rituals.

This unique thermal spa is the first of its kind in Bali, and was originally initiated by Mimpi’s founder -the late Wirja Santoso - who dreamt up the whole concept. The result is an eco-friendly spa and resport using state-of-the-art equipment fused with ancient traditional therapies and amenities, all set in the wonders of nature.

Mimpi means dream in Bahasa, this resort is truly a dream holiday retreat come true,
start your dream vacation by visiting Mimpi Resort Menjangan online

Mimpi Resort Menjangan
Banyuwedang, Northwest Bali
Indonesia. Phone: +62 362 94497

Location: Mimpi Resort Menjangan is located on a lagoon-like inlet of Banyuwedang, a step-away from Bali Barat National Park and a short boat-ride to the famous diving site of menjangan island. The ride from Bali’s international airport will approximately take 3.5 hours through one of Bali’s most photographed landscape in the highland of Bedugul.

Qatar Airways offer flights from Budapest to Bali via Doha.

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