Summer's Here, Still Need To Drop A Few Kilos? What Now?! By Steven Eugene Kuhn

  • 19 Jul 2012 12:40 PM
Summer's Here, Still Need To Drop A Few Kilos? What Now?! By Steven Eugene Kuhn
When was the last time you heard that or thought it yourself? I hear it very often these days, I train regularly and eat right and still think this! I believe it has been instilled into our minds throughout time that summer means getting slimmer and in shape. Whatever the reason is, it is always good to take a step back and evaluate if you possibly could shed a few Kilos, no matter what the season.

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It really is summer, and yes many of us do need to drop a bit of "fat", I do not like to use the word weight because it has been used for years and many think that loosing weight is a good thing when trying to loose fat. If your in shape and have some lean muscle, you would probably weigh more than you did before you dropped a few kilos of fat, weigh more, look great and obviously you will look much thinner. In laymen's terms; Fat is unsightly, lean muscle isn't.

So how do we go about dropping fat? What about the magic pill! Well friends, there is no magic pill, anything that makes you eat less will cause you to gain weight right after you stop due to the metabolism crash you will experience by NOT eating. Think of your metabolism like camp fire: If you put too much wood on it at one time the flame will be less as will the heat to burn the wood, then if you do not put any wood on it, the flames get really hot, then the wood is bright red but it eventually goes out. Finding the right amount of wood to put on your fire, while keeping it at a constant temperature is key.

The same goes for food, I trust everyone has had a midday slump after returning from lunch? Had a nice pasta and now your dying for a nap? You put too much wood on your fire my friend. How about the dieters out there? Decided not to eat and now it is 6PM and you have a bad taste in your mouth, feel tired and week? Not enough wood!

So how about choosing the food you eat? How does one go about it to actually loose weight? I could give 100 different theories and facts but I believe the best is to use my experience. I have been tweaking my nutritional lifeline for over 15 years, trying everything and everything to shorten my workout times, eat regularly and what I want, and still loose fat and stay in shape with as little effort as we go:

When I want to loose a quick 5 kilos (in 8-12 days) I do the following:

I train 3 times a week; Cardio machine warm-up for 10 min then 20 min of strength training right after with no break in between the sets, and finish off with 5 min of abdominal exercises. I train on the first day Chest and Triceps, day 2 I train Back and Biceps and on day 3 I train legs and shoulders.

Should you perform these exercises without more than a 30 second rest between each set, you will be exhausted afterwards and you will have had an awesome cardio workout to boot. This type of training is more effective than cardio for building a strong cardiovascular system. Thats it, 90 min in an entire WEEK for training, how is that for saving time?

What do I eat you ask, I heard that! Well it is an easy fix for me, No fast food, no junk food, no sugar drinks like cola or pure fruit juices and a good mix of carbohydrates and proteins with some doses of good old FAT..."did you say fat?" Yes, I most certainly did friends, to make it easy without getting all scientific on you; eating fish and olives and using flaxseed oil instead of butter will suffice for the fat portions, your body needs these fats because it is not internally produced AND it helps you loose fat as well...go figure, serve up the Salmon with olives!

Breakfast: Muesli with milk, a coffee and some Superfood powder in water (Dr. Schultz Superfood) and a protein shake with water.
Snack: 2 Boiled eggs
Lunch: Rice with chicken, portion no larger than my closed fist (this is the original size of your stomach by the way) and maybe a piece of fruit.
Snack: Banana
After training: Protein shake with water.
Dinner: any kind of meat with salad, veggies and maybe some nuts to fill up the good fat reserves, no more than a small handful though!

That is an average day, add it up and I am at about 2800 to 3000 calories a day, which is enough to hold my current lean muscle ratio, which is very important if you really want to stay "in shape" or as some say "lean". Muscle needs more energy than fat so this automatically drives your calorie needs higher and higher, should you then keep your diet at the same level of calories, you will loose weight, it is a fact...

So what did we cover today?

Train 3 times a week for 30 min each time. Eat all three meals and if hungry a small healthy snack in between NO fast food, NO junk food and NO sweet drinks Eat good fat shoot for gaining lean muscle.

That's it friends, if you need help, a small nudge or even a big shove in getting started, just come by Holmes Place and we can chat with you about what it is you really want, looking forward to seeing you!

Be well and have a great summer!

Steven E. Kuhn

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