Corvin Beer & Blues Festival, Budapest, 27 - 30 September

  • 27 Sep 2012 11:50 AM
Corvin Beer & Blues Festival, Budapest, 27 - 30 September
The 15th Beer and Blues Festival is going to take place at a new venue, the Corvin Promenade, the renewed city center of Pest. The festival integrates music, gastronomy and movies. Music is fun but especially blues music means more: it conveys feelings of our accelerated word throughout generations. Well-known stars and young talents will step on stage forming one of the most exciting mixture of music and gastronomy in this fall.

Beer and blues
Drinking beer is just like listening to blues: you’d better sit down to enjoy it. Although it makes you feel cool, it also makes you dizzy.
You can listen to it alone, but it is even better if you have company.

Movies and blues
Jirzi Menzel’s movie, Cutting it short represents the old traditions and the births of the new ones. Brewing is a very old tradition which is still alive and cherishes today. No matter what happens, people drink beer and enjoy life.

Blues, Beer & Movie - 4 days of fun music and fine beer between 27-30 September 2012

Daily (10 am – 11 pm) :
Hand- made food and crafts market, Record market
Beer and Gastro market
• Homemade beer from Hungary and abroad

Interactive games for everyone (11 am-6 pm)
*  Board games
* „Casino”
*  „Snapszer” special Hungarian card champions
*  Corvin Cup: race for beer (or soft drinks)

Movies on the move
Daily from 4 pm – 10 pm
*  Legendary films relating to music, musicians and LIFE

Blues Concert

Concerts representing the 170 registered styles of blues

Thursday, 27 September
1 pm Peter Egri Laptop Rockabilly party
3 pm Blues Spot
4.30 pm Ripoff Raskolnikov /A/HUN
6 pm Tamás Szabó & mojo
10 pm Peter Egri Laptop Rockabilly party

Friday, 28 September
1 pm Blues beat Party
3 pm Ádám Török Trió
4.30 pm Blues Revolver
6 pm Tom White Band
8 pm Mystery Gang
10 pm Blues beat party

Saturday, 29 September
1 pm Blues beat party
3 pm Vadvirágok (Wild flowers)
4.30 Sonia and the Soulbreakers
6 pm Missisipi Big Beat
8 pm Gyo Kretz /NL
10 pm Blues beat party

Sunday, 30 September
1 pm Blues beat party
3 pm Jenő Fekete and his friends
4.30 pm Jambalaya
8 pm György Ferenczi and the Rackajam
10 pm Blues beat party

Entry free!


How to get there
: Corvin Promenade is located in the center of Budapest, in the area delineated by József Ring Road, Práter Street, Szigony Street, and Üllői Road.

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