Invitation: Wine Festival, Skanzen, Szentendre, Hungary, 8 - 9 September

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Invitation: Wine Festival, Skanzen, Szentendre, Hungary, 8 - 9 September
The Wine Festival in Skanzen takes place between 8 - 9 September from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Visitors can taste wines from special family wineries. You can also find a 'Slow Food yard' and Gipsy cuisine. Children can try folk games in the 'Games Yard'.

Program of the Festival Stage Outside the Granary (I-20)

Saturday, 8th September
11 a.m. Kidnapping of the Sun and the Moon – performance on longlegs for children and adults
12 a.m. ‘Lajta’ folk-dance company – music and dancing
1 p.m. Béla Hamvas: The Philosophy of Wine – performed by Péter Huzella and Zoltán Rátóti
2- 3 p.m. Harvest celebration ball, dances, genres, moods – by ‘Forgatag’ Art Ensemble
3:30- 4:30 p.m. Ági Szalóki folk singer in concert
5- 6 p.m. Buda Folk Band in concert

Sunday, 9th September
11 a.m. Blossom nose jokes by ‘Langaléta garabonciások’ longleg group
12 a.m. ’Novaj’ tradition guards in concert
12:45 p.m. Károly Kisfaludy: Three at a time – comedy – performed by Leányfalui Szekérszínház
2 - 3 p.m. Harvest celebration ball, dances, genres, moods – by ‘Forgatag’ Art Ensemble
3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Magyar Vista Social Club in concert
5 – 6 p.m. Buda Folk Band in concert

Wine village – Village from North Hungary regional unit

House from Filkeháza (I-12)
Slow food yard, raw vegan dishes, sauces
Wine Bazaar

Methodology House from Erdőhorváti (I-13)
Red jar, red wine – carafe dance for young and old

House from Erdőhorváti and Barn-garden ((I-11, I-17)
Games yard: village bowling, giant slingshot, baby labyrinth, fruit harvest with bow, longlegging, straw bale jumping, straw bale rolling

House from Perkupa (I-10)
Grape types show and tasting
Arts and crafts sessions: bunch of grapes from felt, hemlock pipes, cackling, rattle, jewellery making

House from Nemesradnót (I-9)
Winged Taste Hunter – Cabbage Tarkedli (doughnut) with spicy plum chutney - tasting

Novaj – Tradition Yard – (I- 13)
Saturday: ‘Lajta’ folk-dance company, music, dance, hair plaiting, dressing up, grape treading, harvest wreath making
Sunday: ‘Novaj’ tradition guards, singing, strudel making and tasting, Novaj traditions

Croft from Hadas

Children’s plays for grape harvest by ‘Fuszulyka ‘theatre circle
• Gangling, Allfat and Piemouth
• Poor Man’s Fortune
• The Grapes and the Hayward – children can take part in the game
Baby-corner – rhymes, lullabies, common games for mums and their children

Outside the Granary
Giant furniture

Snacks and beverages
Flatbread, Fröccs (Spritzer), syrup drinks, ice cream
‘Szicsek’ palinka (brandy)
Inn from Jászárokszállás
beef shank with red wine and potatoes cooked together, fresh home made bread and pickles

Glasses are available:
• across the House from Perkupa (I-10)
• next to the Belfry from Debercsény (I-7)

Market place – Upland Market town

Harvest Fair: jewellery, textiles, clothing, souvenirs, accessories, jams, leather products, toys, sweets, chimney cake

Main Square

Wine and food guided theme tours:

Saturday 8 September - Starts at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. from outside the House from Tállya (II-1) by dr. Lajos Kemecsi – Wine production and wine farmers in the 19th century

Sunday 9 September - Starts at 11a.m. and 2p.m. from outside the Church from Mánd (III-5) by dr Ibolya Bereczki – ‘Strudel is rolling…’ gastronomic adventures in the Skanzen

Household of hoers from Mád
Cooper show

House from Tállya (II-1)
Shoemaker’s show

Craftsman’s house from Gyöngyös
Try it out the grape pressing.

Food and drinks
Coffee, refreshments, wine - Wine tavern from Mád (II-8)
Groceries – outside the Merchant’s house from Mád

Gastro-village – Upper Tisza Region

House from Botpalád (III-2)
Romani platni – Roma dishes – cooking and tasting: sour inmeats soup, bodag (gipsy bread), lecsós noodles with chiken

Dry Mill from Vámosoroszi (III-6)
Panyola plum jam making and tasting
Market of ‘Living Tisza’ local products (from Tarpa, Cegléd, Panyola)
‘Association of Living Tisza’: red paprika, fruit jams, bio honey, seasonal fruits, palinka (brandy)

House from Milota (III-4)
Cooking show by women from Milota – tasting
Saturday: corn cabbage, lepcsánka (potato croquette)
Sunday: cabbage with beans, corn lapótya
Living history – Stories about old MIlota and the House from Milota

House from Uszka (III-3)
Arts and crafts programs: making wreaths from herbs, scare crow, bottle plaiting

Click here for a detailed map of Skanzen

Source: Skanzen Szentendre
Address: 2000 Szentendre, Sztaravodai út.
Tel: 06 26 502-500

How to get to Skanzen

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