Invitation: VinCE Budapest, The Essential Wine Event In Central Europe, 8 - 10 March

  • 9 Mar 2013 4:00 AM
Invitation: VinCE Budapest, The Essential Wine Event In Central Europe, 8 - 10 March
VinCE Budapest is a high society event for those who love quality wine. It not only provides a flavorful tasting experience but also the opportunity to learn more about the world of wine. The event will feature 1000 different types of wine from 160 exhibitors. Event will be held in Corinthia Hotel Budapest between 8 - 10 March.

Who are the Jedi knights of the modern day? What is the champagne of the British Royal Court and James Bond like? China as winemaker?

These questions and similarly exciting topics will be covered at this year’s event, which will take place at the prestigious Grand Hotel Corinthia.

Apart from the many-many quality wines to be tried at the event, plenty of other excitement awaits the visitors. Wine experts and celebrities will hold so-called masterclasses and workshops - tutored tastings - where the audience will be introduced to a special type of wine, region, grape or other theme. (All the masterclasses are translated simultaneously into English).

For those not so familiar with wine
• Plenty of new experiences await them, discovering the pleasures of recognizing different flavors and scents
• The masterclasses will be real treats for beginners as well, but as a warm up, one can try the free tastings at the VinCE WineBar
For ones with advanced knowledge about wine
• An abundance of masterclasses will entertain them with interesting topics and wines from every corner of the world
For professionals
• Masterclasses and roundtable discussions tailored especially for professionals
• Informal discussions, advice, Q&A, tastings and all that can help one trying to market their products
• And a whole lot more…

In relation to the event, all the speakers and exhibitors are open to give interviews to any journalists interested. If a topic sounds interesting to you and want to find out more, get in touch with us!

Interesting programs on VinCE Budapest

All the masterclasses and workshops are tutored tastings where one or more respected wine expert introduces the audience into the world of a special wine, region, grape or other theme. Masterclasses take place in the glamorous ballroom of Corinthia Hotel Budapest with 200 seats. Workshops take place in the 100 seat lecture hall – these tastings are more relaxed and interactive.

Champagne Bollinger masterclass
• Bollinger is one of the most popular champagnes around the world, highly valued by the wine and champagne professionals.
• Bollinger is very popular not only in the English Royal Court, but among wine lovers – the English fans call it Bolly.
• Bollinger is the favorite of the Agent 007; the label was featured in 13 James Bond movies.

The Wine Blogger of the Year 2012, dr. Jamie Goodie in Hungary!
• Horn buried in the ground, moon watching, human influenced preparations – all these sound a bit “woodoo” to many people. But it works! – say many winemakers who turned their vineyard into biodynamic.
• The Wine Blogger of the Year 2012, Jamie Goode will explain things clearly – as you can expect it from a scientist. And certainly some great biodynamic wines will illustrate his arguments.

Masters of Wine

• Master of Wine Institute – the most prestigious institute promoting excellence, interaction and learning, across all sectors of the global wine community – has been a partner of VinCE Budapest since the beginning.
• At the moment there are only 301 people, who could pass the notoriously difficult Master of Wine exam.
• This masterclass will stand out, featuring 9 MWs or the jedi warriors of the profession showcasing 9 of their favorite wines

Flying Culinary Circus – the travelling chefs

• The Norwegian group of chefs is probably the only travelling chef group.
• They are handsome, they are original, and they are brave enough to shock the audience.
• They have entertained (and cooked for) the King of Malaysia and Mel Gibson – now they will dazzle the guests of VinCE.
• But this would all be nothing without real, serious professional background. Bocuse d’Or gold medal, 2 Michelin star restaurants, work experience in European, American, Asian top restaurants.

Prosecco Villa Sandi masterclass
• Dolce Vita – not only sweet but light as well: prosecco!
• Prosecco is the favorite sparkling wine of Italy, or probably the whole world, which will be introduced by Villa Sandi – one of the best producers from the wonderful Valdobbiadene.
• The lovely proseccos of Villa Sandi will be shown by the chief winemaker itself, Stefano Gava.

Wine Kids workshop and stand up comedy
• Young wine makers and their creations presented in an unusual way
• The tasting is moderated by Gergely Litkai, well known stand up comedy artist to give a little extra flavor to this program
• Among the winemakers are so far Ambrus Bakó, Tamás Kis and Kriszti Csetvei.

Tasting of wines of unfamiliar grapes
• Pinot gris, pinot noir, viognier, shiraz – we love them, we know them. But how about yapincak, timorasso or shavkapito?
• Julia Harding MW, author Wine Grapes with Jancis Robinson MW and dr. Jose Vouillamoz, will conduct a masterclass at VinCE Budapest with wines that you have probably never tasted.
• Unfamiliar, uncommon grape varieties will fascinate the fortunate audience of 200 people and in the gorgeous ballroom of Corinthia Hotel Budapest, venue of VinCE Budapest.

Make wine not war – wines from countries facing war
• Chateau Musar of Lebanon made wines even in time of bombing, and it is not the only one. Georgia, Ciprus, Turkey, Izrael are all other countries where conflicts are common place.
• Angela Muir MW has been travelling the world for the past 25 years and she will share her experience with us. She will showcase wines only from countries she has actually been to. And while we are tasting these wines, we encourage the countries of origin to make wine not war…

China masterclass – does the Asian tiger will win in wine, too?
• Decanter World Wine Award 2011 had a shocking result: out of the 25 International Trophies, the highest result, one was awarded to a Chinese wine: Jia Bei Lan 2009 cabernet based wine from winery He Lan Qing Xue.
• In 2012 at the Decanter World Wine Award Chinese wines got a “medalhail” so they were even more successful.
• What’s the economic, political, cultural situation in China? How can you sell your wines to China? These are just some of the questions to which you will get answers at Ágnes Herczeg’s masterclass.

David, Goliat masterclass – great foreign estates and their Hungarian daughters

• This masterclass will probably be one of the greatest of VinCE Budapest. Icon wines next to each other form Hungary and the world!
• Featured:
*  Allegra Antiori will be there with Árpád Erdélyi, director of Tűzkő Estate, Antinori’s Hungarian estate
* Cos d’Estournel owner, Raphael Reybier and director of Tokaj Hétszőlő, Tibor Kovács
* Attila Gere, probably Hungary’s most famous red wine producer will come with his joint venture partner, the Austrian Franz Weninger.
* And some estates are still negotiated…

One time wines workshop – tasting in the very last moment
• Winemakers are human. It happens, that a winemaker from Tokaj (a fully white wine region) dreams of a full bodied red wine, and dream is followed by action.
• Then it turns out that generations must have some rational reason for making only white… The wine is never repeated.
• We collected a handful of these “fossiles” – wines, that can be tasted now, at VinCE Budapest, but then it’s over, you will never come across that bottles. Speaker is András Horkay, owner and director of CEWI wine school.

Masi masterclass – Amarone, amore mio!
• Wines made of dried grapes have a unique character – and a wonderful flavor.
• If you taste an amarone, you will never forget it. Masi is the most well-known producer of amarone in the Italian region of Veneto.
• Sandro Boscaini, head of Masi is famous for reintroducing extinct native grapes and also for the quality controlled grape drying process.
• An interesting extra: Mr Boscaini took charge of the famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri’s estate, and wine is still made in the poet’s fabulous estate! In Budapest the Amarone Man himself, Sandro Boscaini will introduce the great Masi wines.

Gaja masterclass – wines from the Piemonte icon winery
• King of Barbaresco – Angelo Gaja is called fom Langhe, Piemonte.
• Gaja winery was founded in 1859, Angelo Gaja is the great-grandson of the founder. He was the first to introduce malolactic fermentation and aging in French barrique.
• He is the wine person who modernized the region’s vinification. His wines are sold en primeur, Gaja wines are considered to be cult wines.
• In Budapest his daughter, the wonderful and talented Gaia Gaja will show their fabulous wines.

Villány premium terroirs workshop
The legendary vineyards of Hungary’s most well-known red wine region, Villány will be introduced at this workshop – of course with the greatest wines from each of the vineyards.

Wines of Austria workshop
• Right in our neighborhood, yet barely seen on the shelves of stores.
• Darrel Joseph, the American wine expert, based in Vienna will introduce the region through 8 types of wonderful wines.

Feteasca and friends – a cute little girl in white and red
• Fetească regală is a light, aromatic, lovely wine from Transylvania.
• Fetească neagră is the main grape of Romania, often compared to Blaufrankisch.
• Not because they are similar, but because they are both elegant, fruity and full of character.
• Caroline Gilby MW, expert of Eastern Europe will show more feteascăs beside the above mentioned two.

Burgundy Auction workshop – the exciting world of auctions
• Every November negociants and collectors unite in Beaune, in building which used to be a hospital – Hospice de Beaune.
• Burgundy producers donate their barrels, and some lucky will get them.
• Laurent Gotti wrote a book about the legendary auction, and he will be speaker of this workshop.
• After an introduction to the auction and tasting of Burgundy wines some Tokaj barrel samples will be tasted blind – to predict a similar auction in Tokaj.

Secret Champagne workshop – unknown treasures of Champagne
• Cooperatives are in charge of 2 thirds of the vineyards of Champagne – and still they are hardly known.
• So are some of the Champagne houses without huge advertising concepts.
• György Márkus Champagne expert will show some pearls of the land of the most precious bubbles.

Water Sommelier workshop
Arno Steguweit is the first water sommelier of Europe. He started his career as a “normal” sommelier, but he liked the challenge of creating a water list of 70 waters in a restaurant! Arno will show the influence of different waters on wine. A must for sommeliers!

Deep Impact workshop – war of the caps
• Twist off, cork or glass cap? A constant battle – which type is the best when it comes to top wines?
• If interested in a blind tasting shedding light on the different effects of these different closing methods, then you have to see this workshop.

Sell your wine to me! – workshop
• This workshop is primarily for wine makers.
• Mai Tjemsland MW, restaurant owner in Oslo and gastro consultant will be a featured speaker along with 2-3 other gastro stars.
• Informal discussion, Q&A, tasting and everything that could help wine makers to have their wines put on the shelves of restaurants.

Programs of the VinCE WineBar
All the tastings are free, for a maximum of 20 people. Reservation is possible, after the schedule of the Wine Bar is published (15 February)

Spice of Chile: Syrah, Carmenere & Carignan - Chile is an infinitely long country stretching along most of the Western Coast of South America, which results in a great viticultural diversity. This workshop will focus on three black grape varieties in order to show how they lend power, spice and elegance to Chilean wines. Come and join a tasting of Syrah, Carmenere & Carignan from top producers.

Crete: Indigenous Varieties - The Greek island of Crete is home to the Minos Palace, where the Minotaur lived in the maze. This workshop will help you to get out of the maze of native Cretan varieties through a tasting that will highlight why Cretan wines are perfectly suited for the Mediterranean cuisine.

German First Growth: Top Rieslings & Spätburgunders from VDP Wineries - The VDP association of German producers does not need to be introduced. Three Rieslings and three Spätburgunders will showcase the supreme quality of German wines combining terroir and state-of-the-art winemaking.

Flavors of India: A Brand NEW New World - The map of the wine world is ever expanding. India is putting her feet firmly on the ground as the brand NEW New World country. Classic varieties, Indian terroir and endless passion for high quality wines. This workshop will showcase the very best India has got to offer for the world.

Delicious Indigenous: Kadarka from Hungary - Hungary has changed beyond recognition as far as the wine scene is concerned. However, the interest in native varieties started to grow only a few years ago. This workshop will showcase Kadarka, which used to be mass produced, but now shows true signs of setting the mark for fine Hungarian reds in a lighter and spicier style. The selection will be limited to the region of Szekszárd in order to eliminate major terroir differences and thereby allowing us to delve into the details of the variety and producers.

Source and more info: VinCe Budapest

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