Xpat Opinion: Vintage & Second-Hand Stores In Budapest

  • 22 Mar 2013 8:00 AM
Xpat Opinion: Vintage & Second-Hand Stores In Budapest
Vintage and second-hand stores are appropriate for any age group: for the young, their low prices and often fascinating choices; for older shoppers, nostalgia. They usually conceal a treasure of old, even antique clothes and accessories. Such shops give you that ‘treasure- hunt’ feeling providing you don’t mind rummaging through piles of clothes!

Here are some of the shops within easy reach of the number 4 and 6 tramway that are easy to find and have a mixture of vintage and second-hand items on sale, ranging from hardly worn modern clothing to items from as long as 50 years ago or more.


This is the ultimate choice in the sense that you can find almost anything: from cowboy boots, army and leather jackets, wedding dresses, everything from hippie to punk. The main area of the shop is spacious with a number of smaller themed rooms leading off it. With good music, helpful shop assistants and an abundance of goods to choose from, this is the ideal place to start!
Address: Budapest V district, Dohány u. 94.

Vintage Különlegességek Másodkézből

A small shop with a big heart! At first sight it looks tiny, but there is an upstairs room where party dresses and costumes can be found. If you feel like dressing up for a late night party and to dance the night away you will find something here to fit the bill!

You can also find accessories of well-known brands but sold at a much lower price.
Address: 1083 Budapest, Práter u. 9.

Ómama Bizsuja & Ómama Antik

This is another tiny cave, but instead of clothes it is full of beautiful accessories. Although pricey when compared to most other places, you can find many unique, hand-made goods here: brooches, pearls and porcelains - heritages from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Its sister shop, Ómama Antik, is where you will find more clothes including brands such as Hermès or Chanel.

Take a look at their website where you can browse through some of their products. Although not able purchase them online, they give you a nice foretaste of their range on offer, with details about each specific item. You are free to email or call them for more information.

Ómama Bizsuja: Szent István krt. 1.
Ómama Antik: Frankel Leó u. 7.

Words  by Gerda Szabó for XpatLoop.com

Proofread by Paul St Pierre

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