Help Magic Lamp (Csodalámpa) Wish-Fulfilling Foundation With 1% Of Your Income Tax

  • 9 Apr 2013 9:00 AM
Help Magic Lamp (Csodalámpa) Wish-Fulfilling Foundation With 1% Of Your Income Tax
The Csodalampa (Magic Lamp) Wish-Fulfilling Foundation grants wishes to children between the ages of 3 and 18 suffering from life-threatening illnesses. This has seen the foundation touch the lives of children with conditions including tumors, leukemia, muscle dystrophy and chronic kidney and liver illnesses.

In the ten years since the foundation was established, it has been able to turn the wishes of almost 2000 children throughout the country into reality. Our belief, based on experience, is that a child who sees their wish coming true gains a revival of their spirits and a rekindling of their hopes in a recovery.

In 2013, there will be another opportunity for any person subject to Hungarian income tax to opt to have 1% of their income tax donated to a charity of their choice. This does not impose any additional cost to the donor: the 1% of the income tax goes to the general state budget if not expressly donated to a specific charity.

We invite you to donate 1% of your income tax to the Csodalampa Foundation to enable it to turn more wishes into reality. To see how the ‘1% donations’ Csodalampa received in previous years was utilized, you may examine the external auditor’s report available in English on our website:

Together we can really make a difference. By simply dedicating 1% of your income tax, you can help bring some hope and respite into the lives of these children….

All you need to do – by 21st May - is:

(I) Please fill in Csodalampa’s 18248670-1-43 tax number on the ‘1253 tax return form’s ‘EGYSZA’ page, in case you make your declaration in electronic form
(II) Print the ‘Declaration of 1% Tax Dispensation’ form (below)

(III) Insert the form in an envelope

(IV) Write your name, address and Tax ID number along with the number of declarations

(1 or 2 – one may be in made in respect of a charity and another in respect of a recognised
religious establishment)

(V) Sign the seal flap after closing the envelope

(VI) Send it to the Hungarian Tax (NAV) authority until 21st May the latest.

Thanks for your kind help and support.
Gábor Patzauer
Csodalámpa Foundation

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