Why Visit An Official Garage In Budapest?

  • 17 Apr 2013 9:00 AM
Why Visit An Official Garage In Budapest?
"Dear Clients and Readers, We would like to look at the question of how vehicles, cars and vans are serviced once the warranty period has expired. There are a number of widely held assumptions that need to be examined more closely and one of these is the belief that it is a cheaper option to have your vehicle serviced by a local vehicle repair shop rather than the authorized service centre which the car manufacturer recommends.

Whilst there is a noticeable price difference between the two types of service options, this is not by chance.
If we take a look at why it is worth getting a car repaired and maintained at an authorised service centre for reasons other than just being able to comply with the warranty, what has an authorised service centre got to offer that gives its clients extra value when they use their services?

Well, there are a number of things.

Firstly, because new models are frequently released (together with the rapid developments in design and maintenance), staff of authorised repair shops take part in regular training sessions organised by the manufacturers. This involves training one or two key people from the mechanical team at each workshop, typically diagnosticians, problem-solvers or senior mechanics.

Secondly, manufacturers can provide advice on the basis of experience gathered at an international level to help troubleshoot the less common malfunctions that vehicles may throw up from time to time.

These reasons alone illustrate the importance of carrying out repairs using the diagnostic technology which is available at authorised service centres and, in turn, ensures that a professional approach is taken towards the locating the source of the problem before the work begins on the vehicle itself. This diagnostic equipment, which is regularly updated, is well beyond the financial reach of most independent repair shops.

Another advantage of using an authorised service centre is the regular inspection, maintenance and calibration of other equipment (lift, bench, wheel alignment equipment, wheel balance, etc.) which is required by the manufacturer of its dealer maintenance shops.

Where a Company has a mixed fleet of vehicles, it is also of key importance that authorised service centres can repair not only passenger cars but light commercial vehicles as well. This requires the setting up of specific areas and equipment offering greater height, heavier lifting capacities and so on). In turn, this means that Companies avoid having to take different types of cars to different locations for maintenance or repair.

A further advantage is that when a totally unexpected problem occurs, i.e. the car is involved in an accident; the authorised service centre is typically contracted as the damage assessors for a number of insurance companies, another time saving practicality!

Consider also that an authorised service centre receives its clients in a civilised environment where it is possible to continue to work while they wait, using a Wi-Fi connection. Even if waiting is not the best solution, a courtesy car service can be provided, sometimes free of charge depending on the nature and expected duration of the work.

Another important benefit also needs to be mentioned concerning service visits.

Manufacturers sometimes organise recall campaigns based on continuous development of new models and the lessons learned from its authorised service centres from their maintenance experiences. You will be aware of the recalls that have been sensationalized by the media. But there are other categories of recall as well. If a modification to a vehicle is required, these changes are quietly undertaken when you use the services of authorised service centres, and regular users are able to benefit from these cost-free interventions.

For those who are conscious about environmental issues, they can be assured that authorised service centres perform the work in compliance with current standards - spending considerable sums in the process to deal with the discharge of sewage and exhaust gases, the storage and organised disposal of hazardous waste, etc.

Finally, it is worth drawing your attention that using factory-made, "factory-remanufactured" or factory-refurbished parts has a noticeable effect on the lifespan of the vehicle and especially on its reliable operation.

With regard to the frequency of maintenance, particular attention should be paid to the engine type (turbo, fuel injection, etc.) and the vehicle usage. It is not by chance that manufacturers suggest more frequent or alternative service intervals due to the engine type. Complying with the recommended maintenance period definitely helps to reduce the types and frequency of possible defects.

For any car owner, it is also worth spending more on the correct maintenance of the vehicle during its use, as this can significantly affect its residual value – always the largest item when calculating the total upkeep costs of a car.
We are confident that we can assist you find the most appropriate solution to maintain your prized vehicle.

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Proofread by Paul St Pierre.

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