Traffic Changes In Budapest Due To Danube Flooding - 14 June Noon

  • 14 Jun 2013 10:10 AM
Traffic Changes In Budapest Due To Danube Flooding - 14 June Noon
Upper embankment roads are reopened to road traffic – flood traffic update summary. On 11 June 2013, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós ordered BKK, Municipal Disaster Management, Budapest Sewage Works, Budapest Transport Company BKV and the Budapest Police to jointly assess the situation at Batthyány tér and decide on how to alleviate the traffic restrictions affecting Budapest residents in line with the receding water levels of the Danube.

 Accordingly, the Batthyány tér station of metro line M2 will be reopened on Wednesday morning, 12 June 2013, with all bus lines of the area resuming their services.

Road closures will mosly remain in force therefore motorists are asked to still leave their cars behind and use public transport as well as bikes in the city centre. Higher service frequencies are provided on BKK’s main fixed-rail transport lines and MÁV-Start commuter train lines.

Refreshed map

Bem rakpart, the Batthyány tér area and the lower embankments remain closed.

Due to the closures special traffic measures will be introduced to prioritise public transport and to prevent congestion in the centre of Buda by diverting incoming road traffic.

Batthyány tér and its vicinity

Buses nr: 11 111 39 160 260
- run on their original route

H5 A decision was made in the morning about the restart of the service of suburban railway H5 between Margit híd, budai hídfő and Batthyány tér metro station. As a result, suburban railway H5 will run on its full route  from 12:00 noon, on 14 June 2013 (Friday).

The suburban railway replacement bus service is suspended.

• Since  12 June 2013 (Wednesday) M2 metro trains serve Batthyány tér metro station.

• Due to the flood control activities, compared to the original capacity there will be much less room available for passengers in the Batthyány tér underpass, thus everybody is kindly asked not to stop and keep looking around on the premises of the station! The ticket office located at the metro station is still closed. Tickets, travelcards and passes are on sale at the ticket booth above the ground. Also the shops located in the underpass will remain closed.

• Simultaneously with the re-opening of Batthyány tér metro station, from the early morning of 12 June 2013 (Wednesday) buses 11, 111, 39, 160 and 260 will depart from their original terminus, Batthyány tér M+H. These buses will run on their original full route again. Buses 160, 260 and 960 do not serve Bem József tér stop.

• Batthyány tér and Bem rakpart located between Margit híd and Lánchíd remains closed to road traffic; only public transport vehicles and cyclists are allowed to enter.

Trams 19 and 41

Trams 19 and 41 continue to run to Széll Kálmán tér M terminus; from Döbrentei tér it runs on the route of tram 18. On the skipped route between Batthyány tér M+H and Döbrentei tér our passengers can reach their destinations by bus 86 which runs more frequently.

Bus 86

Bus 86 runs again on its original full route from the first departure, on 14 June 2013.

Bem rakpart, Fő utca, Árpád fejedelem útja, Horváth utca, Fazekas utca

Döbrentei utca, Lánchíd utca, Bem rakpart, Fő utca and Bem tér were re-opened to road traffic in the early morning on 14 June 2013.


Favouring bicycle traffic on the Fő utca – Clark Ádám tér – Batthyány tér route in both directions, as well as due south via Bem rakpart – Bem tér – Fő utca, due north via Batthyány tér – Bem rakpart – Árpád fejedelem útja, BKK ensures bicycle access to the closed area and the use of the main road surface. Cycling is permitted after the service of the suburban railway H5 has been restarted.

Újpesti vasúti híd (railway bridge) has been reopened to pedestrians and cyclists. Népsziget remains closed.

Népfürdő utca and Vizafogó utca
Buses nr: 115 133

Both Népfürdő utca and Vizafogó utca have been opened to traffic, thus buses 115 and 133 run on their original routes again.

Tram 2

Tram 2 continues to run on a shortened route between Közvágóhíd H and Eötvös tér and the original transport order applies (during peak hours certain trams run to Március 15. tér). Replacement buses continue to run between Nyugati pályaudvar M and Széchenyi István tér.

More frequent services
Trams nr: 1 1A 1B 4 6 17 61
Buses nr: 9 86

Metrolines M2 and M3, tramlines 1, 1A,4,6,17 and 61 and buses 9 and 86 run more frequently. In the morning rush hours also the line 1B run on the route of tramline 1 between Bécsi út and Lehel utca.

Hamzsabégi út
Buses nr: 53 150 250

From 12:00 noon on Tuesday, 11 June 2013, the pre-flood traffic order was reintroduced on Hamzsabégi út thus buses 53, 150 and 250 towards Újbuda-központ serve the Nagyszőlős utca, Hollókő utca and Vincellér utca stops again. 240E until now running on a diverted route will resume its original service and serve the Budaörsi út (Villányi út) stop again.

Trams nr: 4 6
Bus nr: 26

Margitsziget remains closed, bus 26 does not run and trams 4 and 6 do not serve the Margitsziget stop.

Királyok útja, Nánási út
Buses nr: 34, 934

Both Királyok útja and Nánási út are closed. Buses 34 and 934 still run on diverted routes. Pók utca as well as Nánási út between Pók utca and Emőd utca have been reopened to road traffic, thus bus 106 runs on its original route again.

Lower embankments

Remain closed on both sides of the river.

Other restrictions

• Népfürdő utca will remain partly closed, thus buses 115 and 133 continue to run on the route Népfürdő utca – Dagály utca in the direction of Árpád híd M.
• Boatlines D11, D12 and D13 do not run.
• Buses 104 and 104A do not serve Székesdűlő and Székesdűlő ipartelep stops and in the direction of Rákospalota, Kossuth Lajos utca they do not serve Újpest, Árpád út pier.
• Újpest, Árpád út pier is not served by bus 122 going in the direction of Újpest-Városkapu M, by bus 204 going in the direction of Rákospalota, Kossuth utca and bus 196 going in the direction of Újpalota, Szentmihályi út.

Changes in the traffic order

• In order to assist public transport, a bus lane has been implemented from the road shoulder on the joint Budapest section of the M1 and M7 motorways between Egér út and the beginning of the bus lane towards the city centre.
• An extraordinary bus lane has been designated on Hegyalja út towards the city centre between Avar utca and Döbrentei tér at the Buda side of Erzsébet híd. Thus on Hegyalja út only one lane remains open to traffic towards Erzsébet híd. This way priority is ensured for buses 8, 112 and 239.
• Favouring road traffic from South Buda to Pest intending to avoid the inner Buda districts, currently two lanes are open for accessing Rákóczi híd when coming Szerémi út – instead of the former single lane. Please note new the right-of-way rule when coming from Dombóvári út onto Rákóczi híd towards Pest! Please drive carefully.
• Budafoki út has been closed to road traffic between Bogdánffy út and Szent Gellért tér. Access is permitted only for authorities and buses 86 (running with double capacity, replacing also the services of trams normally running on the Buda embankments) as well as buses 133E and 233E. Incoming traffic on Budafoki út from outer districts are diverted onto Rákóczi híd and Petőfi híd as the inner Buda districts are incapable of handling this traffic due to the closed upper and lower embankments, thus only buses are allowed on Budafoki út to Szent Gellért tér.
• No car access is permitted onto the tram tracks on Szent Gellért rakpart between Szent Gellért tér and Rudas fürdő. The inside traffic lane is designated as an exclusive public transport lane from Monday, 10 June 2013, to be used by trams and buses. Only one lane is open for cars towards Erzsébet híd.
• Since every road going north from Clark Ádám tér is closed, also the upper embankment between Döbrentei tér and Clark Ádám tér will be closed to road traffic in order to avoid unmanageable congestion. Only bus 86 is allowed to enter Döbrentei utca and Lánchíd utca going north. Motorists can drive to Attila út from Erzsébet híd and Szent Gellért rakpart, but due to the closure of Bem József tér, North Buda is not accessible when coming from Széll Kálmán tér.
• Supporting the service of tram 17 linking Óbuda and the inner Buda areas, priority measures are made, as follows: Frankel Leó utca will be turned into a one-lane street from Üstökös utca to Zsigmond tér going away from the city centre, thus Árpád fejedelem útja is open to road traffic going to the city centre from Zsigmond tér, while Frankel Leo út is closed.
• From 11:00 on 13 June 2013 the road access restriction for freight lorries exceeding 7.5 tonnes of maximum allowed weight has been lifted by the Municipality Defence Committee.

We recommend motorists take public transport instead of cars, where BKK continues to operate more frequently along the main trunk lines. Thank all of the motorists who have acted accordingly for the past days!For through traffic we recommend to avoid Budapest and to use M0 motorway even if it involves a detour.

Source: Budapest Transport Centre

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