Xpat Review American & Mexican Food With Flare In Budapest

  • 12 Dec 2013 8:00 AM
Xpat Review American & Mexican Food With Flare In Budapest
If you’re looking for a burger that’s no joke or a flavorful quesadilla then W35 American and Mexican Grill Bar is the eatery for you. Located at Wesselényi utca 35 (Akácfa utca), Budapest, 1077 this is yet another one of Budapest’s hidden restaurant gems. Within walking distance of many of the nightlife’s hottest club and bar spots this eatery makes a great choice for when late night post-club hunger strikes or if you’re simply out and about and find yourself craving a hearty meal.

W35 offers their own spin on many American and Mexican favorites including burritos, burgers, wings, and quesadillas.

Each dish offered has many in house made elements such as their green chili or their version of a side of potatoes. Bland is not even in the vocabulary at this eatery. Everything is highly seasoned and well thought through, there are no mistakes coming out of this kitchen. The vast menu provides a great variety of choices for any individual. There is something for those who desire a sweet yet savory taste and even those who seek for spicy heat. They even offer a vegetarian menu sure to wow even the most carnivorous of appetites.

Weekend opening hours last almost until dawn which makes it the perfect late night snack or fourth meal for those with larger appetites. The only thing this place is missing is outside seating. However, if you somehow manage to catch the place at a not so busy time and find seating inside you’re in for a cozy yet modern dining experience. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you snag one of the scarce seats available.

Eating this food on the go is just not a smart decision. If you chose that route by the time you finish you are most certain to have drops of the miraculous sauces or other parts of your meal on you. The burgers alone take two hands to even hold onto and are proportionately doused with sauces. The portions are generous to say the least. There is no chance of leaving hungry.

Pricing is extremely fair especially when considering the large portions as well as the hand prepared from grill-to-plate dishes. There is no such thing as “just” a burger or “just” a quesadilla here. The friendly staff can attest to that with such offerings as the flaming fire in the hole burger or the pork and green chili quesadilla. All priced around 1200 HUF.

With each dish coming with a well-seasoned and perfectly cooked side of potatoes or home-made salad this eatery is always aiming to please. Whether it be during lunch or the early morning hours you will not leave disappointed. Be sure to try it out for yourself, you’re sure to end up there on many occasions after the first round in hopes of trying it all.

Written by: Laura Pollard for XpatLoop.com

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