Balaton: Hungarian Hospitals Driven To The Brink Of Bankruptcy

  • 11 Jan 2014 8:00 AM
Balaton: Hungarian Hospitals Driven To The Brink Of Bankruptcy
The Association of Hungarian Hospitals and Clinics was founded in 2009 to ensure that public health facilities operated by local and county governments at the time were properly funded both on a local as well as a state level, and to advocate for health care reform. Dr. Peter Balaton is its general secretary.

Yesterday the Association issued the following statement:

In health matters today there are two Hungarys. The one only exists on public radio and television and in the official statements of the state secretariat. (In a play on words the author has facetiously substituted álom (dream) for állam (state) -ed.) Here the numbers leaving the field are decreasing and the waiting lists are getting shorter.

To our surprise we health sector workers and our patients experience that we live in another Hungary: here the brain drain continues – the professional organizations believe – 6000 doctors are missing from the system. In many places the minimum requirements cannot be met. The waiting lists have significantly grown, although there are differences by area. The amount of work each worker must perform is continuously increasing, and in this way the work environment is deteriorating.

We don’t only have the worst statistics in the the areas of cardiology and oncology but in almost all other areas of medicine. And with this the life expectancy of those working in the health field is also decreasing.

According to the association HUF 30 billion (USD 136 million) is necessary to prevent the economic collapse of the hospital system.

Two months earlier the association issued a statement in which it declared that the nationalization of hospitals had driven them to the brink of bankruptcy. “Unpaid, past due invoices will exceed HUF 100 billion by the end of the year.”

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